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AmiFox 0.6

Posted by ALB42 on 26. Februar 2024No Comments

McDope asked me to make a new AmiFox Version to the occasion of the first anniversary of the release of AmiFox. I already included the language feature which allows to tell google and other pages which languages you prefer. But I thought that as a feature for a new Version is a bit too little so I added a history function which records which URLs are browsed to, still unfinished but a start.

Download as always at the AmiFox-Page

AmiFox 0.5

Posted by ALB42 on 18. Februar 2024No Comments

A new AmiFox is released its the Version 0.5. The most important changes are the possibility to download Stuff from, which is not possible with other browsers on Classic Amiga. Also if you want to continue your surfing on the mobile it is possible to show the current URL as QR-Code. Also again some bugfixes for size calculations and there are some old TCP/IP stacks outside with a bsdsocket.library lower than 4. To be honest I don’t know if we could work with Version 3 but I guess not.

Also check the Amitopia Page.

Download from the AmiFox Page

No normal font in MUI 5?

Posted by ALB42 on 4. Februar 2024No Comments

I got a bug report for my new TreeView component for MUIClass. It looked weird the size calculation of the Font totally fails. A little bit testing reveals that the function OpenMUIFont fails for fkNormal to get the normal Font size this never happens on my MUI 3.8 systems. But the reporter uses MUI 5.0 maybe that’s a bug of MUI 5.0 or a new „feature“.

I added a fail save that I use the default font if the OpenMUIFont fails, so that should work now.

AmiFox and

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Januar 2024No Comments

its a pity that its not possible to download files from directly, because they have a very crude download javascript. But on there are many Amiga games, so besides Aminet it’s most probably the most used platform for Amiga software.

So i tried out how to download their stuff, and it is possible, not too difficult as it seems. A first very crude version is seen here

it only downloads the first file and has no error checking, so there is more work needed but as a short technical preview its already good. Look forwards to next AmiFox Version.

AmiFox Server Update

Posted by ALB42 on 6. Januar 20242 Comments

I updated the online component of AmiFox, just some tiny bugfixes and improvements for avoiding anti-crawler detection and some modules update including some changes for newer chrome versions.

There is no update needed for AmiFox it stays at the current version. Only if you use the docker on your own server you might want pull the latest version. The AmiFox Server Version is still 0.3 because there is no functional change, but the underlying WRP Version is now 4.6.1 (up from 4.6.0), you can read this Version numbers in the About Box of AmiFox after you loaded a webpage.

AmiTranslate 0.3

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Oktober 2023No Comments

A while before I showed that the PDF output can now also show the japanese characters. I also implemented a direct printing of japanese characters to the application itself.

it uses ttengine which is available for Amiga, MorphOS and AROS which is good for me to use. but of course the application will also work without, just the fancy print will not work.

so today i publish this Version on time for the Amiga 38.

Download at the AmiTranslate Page

AmiFox 0.4 Amiga38 Edition

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Oktober 2023One Comment

Prepared a special Version of AmiFox for Amiga38. McDope did a lot of work to create a boxed Version of AmiFox to sell to people (later I decided to pay the bill and make the box a free of charge item).

The Box looks very nice and will be given out for free at the event (others already pre-ordered and will get the box by mail). Originally it was planed to have 50 boxes but the printer services was somehow very generous and send much more boxes for the same price. I added a little serial number and the A38 logo for the people getting this boxed version, every box has a unique serial number. But the serial ist just cosmetics and shown in the window and about. AmiFox is and stays free.

The new version has some new Features like a AREXX interface, a possibility to submit a webpage as command line parameter (both useful for OpenURL usage).

Especially for small screen Amigas (like Native PAL Hires Mode) parts of the interface can be hidden. either automatically (the status bar) or by button click (the text input bar).

Besides that many bugs are fixed as well.

Download as always at the AmiFox Page.

Japanese Translate

Posted by ALB42 on 19. August 2023No Comments

When I created AmiTranslate I tried the multi byte languages as well (chinese, japanese, korean and others) but the PDF Export did not work and I didn’t understand why, so I left them out.

Today I noticed there is an option when saving the PDF in FreePascal which reduces the embedded font to a minimum to keep the file size down. It seems like it does that by removing such asian chars, so even you define a special asian font the output will just be empty.

The downsides it of course the PDF becomes huge, some megabytes, you can reduce that by let the font pack on PDF creation, but even in UAE it needs a long time, so I disabled that as well

AmiTranslate 0.2

Posted by ALB42 on 23. Juli 2023One Comment

I noticed some bugs in AmiTranslate and also got some suggestions how to improve the program. Firstly the scrollbars for the text edits did not work (where not connected to the actual textedit). The pdf did not care about returns or line wrap so a longer text are not readable. Now it cares about returns in the text and will also insert line wraps for longer texts.

A wish was to include a context menu for both edits to copy and paste text.

So it’s time for a new release 0.2, Download at the Programs Page