The 100% useless AROS distribution

Posted by ALB42 on 5. März 20164 Comments

This is the first and only AROS x86_64 (ABIv11) distribution of the world.

Note: The change of ABIv1 to ABIv11 results in a complete incompatibility to earlier version 0.1 and 0.2 of T100pUAD. That means programs compiled for older Versions will just crash.

And the name is program, until now its not really usable, very unstable and very little programs available to start on. (Now with some of my programs installed, MUIMapparium, Hex2, MUIPlot, MCAmiga, AYA, AmiTube and of course FreePascal)

It’s mainly aimed to really brave people and people want to play with Free Pascal on AROS64, because this is for what I need it. to develop and test 64bit AROS Free Pascal.

Download: T100pUAD Linux Hosted Version 0.3 Size: 270 Mb. MD5: a952fcad08f1cb50364306a899c6f1ed

How to use:

Unpack at Linux x86_64 you will find a folder T100pUAD with 2 Startup scripts inside ( and Use them to start AROS, a new window will open with AROS running.

older ISO Version:

Removed because it is not compatible anymore with the current ABIv11

Be warned

The 64bit AROS is still in a very early stage, I would call it pre-alpha, it will most likely: crash your computer, delete your data, post awkward pictures of your facebook and twitter account, sell your stuff and partner on ebay. So be warned and do not blame me for that.

4 comments to "The 100% useless AROS distribution"

  1. what made me laugh is the way you speak about your distri 🙂 i think aros is very usefull !

  2. Nuno Costa sagt:

    Can we get a 100% useless windows 64bit hosted port we already have one hosted but it’s only half useless at 32bit xD

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