AROS Debug View

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A debug message viewer for AROS i386 and AROS m68k.
(Replacement for sashimi, never use both programs at the same time)

  • Show process name and CLI number
  • Shows time the first char of the message arrived
  • Output can be filtered by process name (also afterwards)
  • Output can be sent to an Linux or Windows computer, via UDP
  • Linux and Windows slaves can recieve show, reroute to syslog or write to file.
Aros Debug View with Linux Slave and rerouted messages to /var/log/syslog

Aros Debug View with Linux Slave and rerouted messages to /var/log/syslog



  • must be an IP address x.x.x.x or a a fully qualified DNS name (of course IP address is much faster, so should be prefered)
  • also possible: (see screenshot), which makes a broadcast in the current network segment (until next router)
  • if a broadcast is done, all slaves in this network segment will show the message
  • it uses an UDP connection on port 2031 for communication

If the programs with heavy debugoutput become slower and slower:

  • Try to deactivate the auto scroll feature, it eats lots of processing time
  • if still too slow activate an empty filter (no messages shown)
  • Reroute the output to a linux or windows computer or remove the filter after the program run to see the messages

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