Posted by ALB42 on 24. Juni 2019

Leu is a simple spreadsheet application, which started as a excel and openoffice viewer. Now it also has some basic editing functions and a fully working function parser.

It supports loading of Excel (xlsx), Libre/OpenOffice (ods), ASCII (csv) and TurboCalc (tcd) files. You can export the tables to Excel, Libre/OpenOffice, ASCII, HTML or wiki tables.

Because it’s written with FreePascal for Amiga systems with MUIClass GUI Toolkit, it is available for all Amiga Systems:

  • Amiga OS 3.x – 68020+, OS3.0+, MUI 3.8
  • Amiga OS 4.x – OS4.0+, Attention: X5000s CPU is not compatible with any FreePascal program at the moment
  • AROS – i386 (ABIv0), ARM (ABIv0), x86_64 (ABIv1, nonSMP)
  • MorphOS – 3.x+

Download: Leu 0.08 for all Amiga systems

LibreOffice File loaded in MorphOS
Leu in AROS
LibreOffice loaded in Amiga OS3
LibreOffice loaded in AmigaOS4