AmiFox 0.4 Amiga38 Edition

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Oktober 2023One Comment

Prepared a special Version of AmiFox for Amiga38. McDope did a lot of work to create a boxed Version of AmiFox to sell to people (later I decided to pay the bill and make the box a free of charge item).

The Box looks very nice and will be given out for free at the event (others already pre-ordered and will get the box by mail). Originally it was planed to have 50 boxes but the printer services was somehow very generous and send much more boxes for the same price. I added a little serial number and the A38 logo for the people getting this boxed version, every box has a unique serial number. But the serial ist just cosmetics and shown in the window and about. AmiFox is and stays free.

The new version has some new Features like a AREXX interface, a possibility to submit a webpage as command line parameter (both useful for OpenURL usage).

Especially for small screen Amigas (like Native PAL Hires Mode) parts of the interface can be hidden. either automatically (the status bar) or by button click (the text input bar).

Besides that many bugs are fixed as well.

Download as always at the AmiFox Page.

AmiTranslate 0.3

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Oktober 2023No Comments

A while before I showed that the PDF output can now also show the japanese characters. I also implemented a direct printing of japanese characters to the application itself.

it uses ttengine which is available for Amiga, MorphOS and AROS which is good for me to use. but of course the application will also work without, just the fancy print will not work.

so today i publish this Version on time for the Amiga 38.

Download at the AmiTranslate Page

Japanese Translate

Posted by ALB42 on 19. August 2023No Comments

When I created AmiTranslate I tried the multi byte languages as well (chinese, japanese, korean and others) but the PDF Export did not work and I didn’t understand why, so I left them out.

Today I noticed there is an option when saving the PDF in FreePascal which reduces the embedded font to a minimum to keep the file size down. It seems like it does that by removing such asian chars, so even you define a special asian font the output will just be empty.

The downsides it of course the PDF becomes huge, some megabytes, you can reduce that by let the font pack on PDF creation, but even in UAE it needs a long time, so I disabled that as well

AmiTranslate 0.2

Posted by ALB42 on 23. Juli 2023One Comment

I noticed some bugs in AmiTranslate and also got some suggestions how to improve the program. Firstly the scrollbars for the text edits did not work (where not connected to the actual textedit). The pdf did not care about returns or line wrap so a longer text are not readable. Now it cares about returns in the text and will also insert line wraps for longer texts.

A wish was to include a context menu for both edits to copy and paste text.

So it’s time for a new release 0.2, Download at the Programs Page

AmiTranslate with DeepL

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Juli 20237 Comments

Usually when I translate texts from one language to an other I use DeepL to do it, it makes better results than Google translate in the most cases (at least if german is the target language). It also has an API to use and the first 500.000 chars are free, so I created a little program for Amiga to use that API.

It’s stupidly named AmiTranslate I know very unimaginative but hey seems the name is not used already, so why not. Of course the program needs an Internet connection and SSL (OpenSSL3 on MorphOS; AmiSSL on all other systems) because it talks directly with the DeepL server (via https) and it needs the texteditor.mcc.

Of course for some of the languages there is the problem of showing the chars (e.g. russian) for that I included a PDF writing function and a plain UTF-8 Text output then you can use other programs to read the actual text. of course nicer would be to make a real TTF output maybe later.

I also removed some languages which does not work at all (even the PDF output, like japanese, korean and chinese)

If you have an own DeepL key you can add the ToolType „DEEPLKEY=<key>“ to the icon, then even my 500.000 chars are used you can still use your own, it’s free so why not.

Downloads at the programs Page

Text to Image AI

Posted by ALB42 on 27. Juni 20232 Comments

Of course it’s perfectly possible to use any text 2 image webpages like with AmiFox on Amiga. But of course a better way is to make a specialized app for it using hugging face with stable diffusion.

It also contains Magic prompt which can produce more sophisticated prompts or even a complete random prompt. Gives really nice pictures sometimes.

Chatting on Amiga with Large language models

Posted by ALB42 on 25. Juni 2023No Comments

If you want to chat with large language models e.g. with ChatGPT or some Open Source models you can just use your Amiga with AmiFox. for Example on you can test out multiple models and even let them battle against each other.

But of course also other pages like huggingface can be used, choose what even your like. Now available on your Amiga with AmiFox.

AmiFox AREXX and parameter

Posted by ALB42 on 15. April 2023No Comments

Introducing AREXX commands for AmiFox, so you can send a URL to AmiFox to view. If the Browser is idle it will directly start to load the new URL. If still loading another URL it will remember the URL and start it after the current one is finished loading, maybe later also stop the current task, atm its easier that way.

Wit this new AREXX command of course one can use an AREXX script but even better you can use programs like openurl to directly send urls to your favourite Web-browser… or AmiFox 😀

AmiFox-Server for RasPi

Posted by ALB42 on 1. April 2023No Comments

To check if the releases of AmiFox Server work I tried that on a RasPi, fresh install, the only thing you need to install is the Chromium-browser and start the WRP.
sudo apt install chromium-browser
chmod a+x wrp-arm-linux