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Here you can download a Virtual machine for VMware Player. It’s a Linux with cross freepascal compilers for Amiga 3.x, AmigaOS 4, AROS (i386), MorphOS and a working Lazarus which can produce LCL – GUI applications for all this platforms (+ Linux of course).

Virtual machine with Lazarus Amiga, OS4, AROS, MorphOS:
VM Lazarus (1152 MB)
MD5: 2bb3c6c04e8489cb9db6dfa665112094


Introduction Video for this virtual machine use to show how easy it is:

Addition for AmigaOS4:


Version 2.0 (16.05.2016)

  • FIX: Redraw problems on AmigaOS3
  • FIX: Size problems
  • FIX: Mouse event crashes
  • ADD: Support for AmigaOS4
  • CHG: Striped image from unneeded things, reduced download size

Version 1.0

  • Inital release for AmigaOS3, AROS, MorphOS


Questions and Answers

Q: How to change the default keymap?

A: Open xterm and type “setxkbmap us”, replace the us (= american layout) by your favourite keyboard layout (de, us, fr, ….). To make it permanent for every boot, edit /home/test/.profile and add the setxkbmap call to end of the file.


Q: How did you transfer the compiled programs to the target computer?

A: I used the VMware shared folder on the host computer and used samba to access the program from MorphOS. Amiga/UAE and AROS can directly access the files on the harddisk or with samba on dedicated computers.


Q: The AROS compilation seems to be different from the previous AROS release?

A: Yes, the LCL diverted fro AROS on the one side and Amiga/MorphOS on the other side. This is the first try to join them, but its not on par currently. (For example Groupboxes does not work in this version also speedbuttons look weird and so on) So if you experience problems just compile your program at AROS again, or wait for bugfixes ๐Ÿ˜‰


Q: How to compile for Amiga/AROS/MorphOS?

A: You can set by hand in Project Options. But I suggest you use my prepared config file as shown in the video. Open “Menu – Project -Project Options” press “Import” (Button on the lower edge) choose the “/home/test/AllAmigaPlatforms.xml”. Now you have build settings for all four platforms.


Q: Synedit (or other package) is missing in the component icon list?

A: Make sure this package is already supported for Amiga style systems (SynEdit is ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and go to Package – Install/Uninstall Packages and choose to install. Lazarus have to compile again after installing/uninstalling an package.


Q: Are there examples/How to know which components are availabel for our systems?

A: Examples are available at GitHub. If you want to download directly to this virtual machine, open a xterm and type “git clone”. You will find a directory named fpc-tests in your home directory with a sub directory LCL, where you can find many test code examples to use and test which elements are working, or not.


Q: I get errors on code completion if the compile mode is other than Linux

A: Yes, thats a Bug, I still have no idea why this happen, so remember to turn back to Default (=Linux) before write code. The Option “build many modes” seems also to have a Bug, if you include “Default” into the compilation, so uncheck it before start, like shown in the video

11 comments to "Virtual Lazarus"

  1. Marcus F sagt:

    This is great!

    With a little tweaking I got it working perfectly with VirtualBox and seamless + auto resize.

  2. Is this up to date? I mean, the 68k lcl etc. vs. aros and morphos?
    Love morphos, but really want 68k to work well too, since i use vampire + uae4arm on rpi3b.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      It’s not up to date, but not much happend after that, so you can just use that, for trivial programs (Window + Buttons, Edits, paintbox) it will work nicely. Even a little bit slow. If you want to have it faster write directly a MUI program. It’s not so difficult and not so far away from the LCL model, just the access to fields and methods is strange because of the BOOPSI model.

  3. Han sagt:

    Thanks for providing.

    I’m looking for an virtual Lazarus for arm-Linux (Raspberry Pi). Any idea if somebody is sharing it?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Not that I know of, but it should be not too hard to create, just install the cross-arm binutils (ubuntu and debian has a deb package for it), compile the fpc for arm-linux, set the target in Lazarus and done.

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