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Your friendly Editor

EdiSyn in an editor with Tabs and Syntax highlighting (at the moment for C/C++, HTML and Pascal) for AROS, written in FreePascal with Lazarus. Base on the SynEdit Component of LCL and the ATTabs Component.

  • Highlighter, C/C++, Hollywood, HTML, Pascal
  • Tabs
  • Recent files, Export Text as HTML (with Properties from Highlighter)
  • Jump to Line
  • Search, Replace, Search in Files, Search in Directory, Regex
  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Undo, Redo
  • Free configurable highlighter, key binding, user commands
  • Output parser for GCC and Freepascal (jump to positions or errors, warnings and hints)


Download current Version:

EdiSyn 0.54 i386-AROS ABIv0
EdiSyn 0.55 ARM-AROS


Complete EdiSyn Source available at GitHub





0.54 „Fixes“

  • FIX: Restored default highlighter colors
  • FIX: Hint marker for freepascal output
  • FIX: Faster redrawing
  • FIX: Message window buttons
  • ADD: Basic printing (text only to PRT:)
  • FIX: Menu in experimental Icaros


0.52 „Font“

  • ADD: Font Selection
  • FIX: Load HTML Colors
  • FIX: Export HTML


0.51 „Ital(y/ic)“

  • ADD: Highlight all search results
  • ADD: Highlighter with italic, bold and underline
  • ADD: ProgramOutput Menu: copy to clipboard
  • ADD: Click in PrefsWin SynEdit to select the highlighter attribute
  • ADD: Save File before start User program
  • FIX: Position save of output window


0.50 „Command“

  • ADD: Iconify Icon
  • ADD: User Program Startup
  • ADD: Catching Program output
  • ADD: Parsing program output -> Freepascal and GCC supported
  • ADD: ShortCuts for User programs


Youtube Video compile with freepascal
Youtube Video compile with gcc

0.42 „The Answer“

  • FIX: Shortcuts with Alt Key
  • ADD: Shortcuts with Amiga key
  • FIX: Wrong keybinding
  • FIX: Freeze on save prefs
  • FIX: Scrollbar issues
  • ADD: Number of Lines / Number of Bytes of the current text
  • ADD: Column Selecting


0.41 „HTML“

  • ADD: HTML Highlighter


0.40 „Happy Easter“

  • ADD: Preferences Dialog
  • ADD: Key binding Dialog with Key catcher
  • ADD: Highlighter Color selection Dialog
  • ADD: New tab on every open
  • ADD: Tab Navigation ShortCuts
  • FIX: Faster New Tab
  • FIX: Drawing improvement
  • FIX: Menu Items Memory leak
  • FIX: Canvas Memory leak
  • ADD: Easter Eggs


0.34 „Find all“

  • FIX: Warning for reopen file in same Tab removed
  • FIX: Errormessage if a file cannot be open
  • ADD: Search All requester (directory, open files)
  • ADD: Search All result window with highlighting


0.33 „About“

  • FIX: Beep also when searching backwards (Shift F3)
  • ADD: Warn if a file is already open in the editor, jump to this tab
  • ADD: Show full path in Window title.
  • FIX: crash for un/checking TRadiobox
  • ADD: About Box

0.32 „Search and Replace“

  • ADD: Call Search dialog with selection -> used as search text
  • ADD: Search Dialog improved
  • ADD: Search and replace history
  • ADD: Search Settings saved/restored
  • FIX: Not Call Application to redraw

0.31 „Bookmarks“

  • ADD: Bookmarks (Ctrl + Shift + 0..9 for set, Ctrl + 0..9 for jump to bookmark) in the picture Bookmark 5 is set.
  • ADD: Bookmark bar can be switched on/off
  • FIX: Crash when close a Tab via key removed (Focus issue)
  • FIX: Better/faster creation of new Editor pages
  • CHG: Show only every 5th line number, looks not so crowded
  • FIX: TabStop setting for Replace Dialog (use tab from search to Replace edit field)
  • CHG: Use MUI Requesters instead of EasyRequest -> looks nicer and the Window behind gets redraw events.

0.30 „Tabs“

  • ADD: Tabs
  • CHG: nicer Colors
  • ADD: better Statusbar (extendable)
  • FIX: many Bugfixes (focus, keys ….)

0.20 „Name“

  • ADD: Name, Icon, Readme
  • ADD: Search, Replace (not complete)
  • ADD: Close Question
  • ADD: Autoselect Highlighter by Extension
  • ADD: Show/Hide Line numbers
  • ADD Save Size and position
  • ADD: Recent Files list
  • FIX: too long scrollbar fixed
  • FIX: scrolling with selection changed

8 comments to "EdiSyn"

  1. Mike Bartlet sagt:

    Hi ALB42, I absolutely love your EdiSyn editor. I only recently discovered it and started using it to edit C source files.

    I recently upgraded from version .53 to version .54 and I noticed some bugs.

    1. If I open an existing C source file, the colours & fonts etc are displayed correctly. However if I open the editor and create a new file, the colours etc are not displayed.

    2. When I hit the backslash key, it goes to a new line (as if I hit enter) instead of displaying \.

    3. The size of the editing window is not remembered.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Thanks for your feedback really appreciated.

      1) Menu Highlighter, change to C/C++, choose Menu Highlighter, „Save as Default“ then C/C++ is used as default for new Tabs

      2) hmm what AROS you use? hosted Linux? Icaros? what keymap (I use german keymap and it works well)

      3) did it work for older Versions? pre-0.54

  2. As always you do fantastic work!
    But it would really be great if you could release the source for this.
    I got synedit working, but its so slow its hardly usable. So im very interested in learning what technique you have used to get such great speed.

    I hope you can release the source, it would mean a lot to establish fpc for Morphos / Aros / Amiga, since we need to re-discover a lot of lost magic here 🙂

    Kind regards and keep up your brilliant work!!

  3. Sorry, i noticed now that the source was on git!
    But is there any build for morphos? Could really use this for fpc coding 🙂

  4. Arkadis sagt:

    Could you compile it for AmigaOS 4?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      I tried, but sadly it crashes atm. and the Gremreaper is not very helpful because the stacktrace has no debug symbols, even available in the executable, so no idea what happens there.

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