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  • AmiDream – Text to Image AI Application
  • AmiFox – A browser for your Amiga
  • AmiTranslate – Translate text with DeepL
  • AmiTube – a Youtube Client for m68k Amiga
  • AROSDebugView – a viewer for debug messages
  • Ask your Amiga – answering machine (Wolfram Alpha GUI)
  • BinShifter – a 2048-game clone
  • ClockMouse – Read time from Hopf DCF-77
  • ColorIt – a game with colors
  • EdiSyn – friendly Editor with syntax highlighting
  • ExtronControl – Control software for a Extron DSC 301 HD scaler and input switch.
  • FPCMines – a Minesweeper clone
  • GPSTool – Position from an NMEA GPS and record GPX tracks
  • Hex2 – calculator with variables support and GUI
  • LEU – a spread sheet with support for Excel and Libre/Open Office files
  • MCAmiga – A Midnight/Norton Commander style file manager
  • MUIMapparium – OpenStreetMap client with GPX support
  • MUIPlot – a simple function plotter
  • Shift-It-GL – thinking game in OpenGL
  • PasteQuick – Transfer contents of Clipboard to and receive the link.
  • Some more small Tools


Version 0.2

A Text to Image Application for all Amiga Systems (using Stable Diffusion). Inclusive „Magic Prompt“ insert a basic idea and magic prompt reforms it to a better prompt for the model. Or if you have no idea at all press „Random“ to get a random Prompt for a nice image (sometimes gives an idea for more)

– Internet connection
– MUI (3.8+)
– Datatype (PNG)



Version 0.3

A DeepL interface for Amiga Systems with fancy text print and PDF output that you can read the chars nor easily printable by MUI




Version 0.9

A Midnight/Norton Commander style file manager for all Amiga Systems

MCAmiga on Amiga68k
  • Amiga 68000+, 4 MB, AmigaOS3.x
  • AmigaOS4
  • MorphOS 3.x
  • AROS i386 ABIv0
  • AROS x64 ABIv1 NonSMP
  • Download: MCAmiga


Version 0.2

A simple calculator with variables and small MUI GUI.


A small games with colors, fill the area with the color.

ColorIt on MorphOS


Version 0.2

A simple function plotter with ASCII and PNG export.


Version 1.1

A classical mine sweeper clone.


A 2048-game clone.

Bin Shifter 1.0


Version 0.1

Control software for a Extron DSC 301 HD scaler and input switch.


Version 0.41

Transfer contents of Clipboard to and receive the link.


Version 0.1

Read the time from a Hopf DCF-77 radio clock (see inset in the picture). The clock must be connected to the serial port (serial.device Unit 0).

Ask Your Amiga

Version 0.6

Do your have a question, ask your Amiga, she knows everything and with this program she will even tell you. (Search in the Wolfram Alpha database)

  • AskYourAmiga 0.6 for all Systems (needs MUI, GIF Datatype and an Internet connection)
    • Amiga 68020+ OS3.0+
    • AROS x86 ABIv0, ARM Raspi ABIv0, x64 ABIv1 nonSMP
    • MorphOS 3.x
    • AmigaOS 4.x

Small Tools

20 comments to "Programs"

  1. LioFR sagt:

    I wrote a comment on about MUI Mapparium. I did not find a contact info so I am writing that here (sorry for that). Cheers. Lio

    I tried this new MUI mapparium release (0.6) on AOS4.1FE/X5000 and as the previous release, it does not work !
    first the execute bit is missing after unarchiving on nearly all files and second nothing happens after double click on the icon… no error message no window opens but whatever I do afterwards I have a complete freeze of my system…
    I tried again with snoopy but nothing is really showing up, no fail…

  2. Vincent sagt:

    Great stuff! You give people a reason to work with the Amiga instead of only playing with it.

  3. salvatore abbate sagt:

    hallo liebste
    Ich wollte Sie fragen, wäre an einem Port einer Suite in Pascal geschrieben, die Quellen sind verfügbar, das programm in Frage heißt wavetracer befindet sich auf aminet

    • ALB42 sagt:

      lol google translate?

      I do not know that program, maybe it is possible, most likely not easy because an ancient Pascal dialect ir even worse a meta compiler, Aminet is down atm.

      • magorium sagt:

        Hi ALB,

        just wanted to let you know that i already took a stab (about 2-3 year ago) at wavetracer, unfortunately it is a no-go atm.

        I forgot exactly the culprit but there where at least two that are not possible to solve (3 if you count the *cough* all not missing features *cough* in aros, and 4 if you count the fact that i need a manual in order to understand how the program is suppose to work, i did not even manage to get that from the original exe 🙂 )

        I theory (and best outcome) it might run on classic hardware, but that would be about it (and in that case, why bother ?)


  4. salvatore abbate sagt:

    yes google sorry man 🙂

    you also think it’s an old pascal code, I uploaded the archives to aros-archives, you find them in the upload section, again there is not in the public page

    have a good week

  5. salvatore abbate sagt:

    there is not on aros-archives but on aminet

    have a good weekend

  6. salvatore abbate sagt:

    albs but zupaplayer could support aiss?

  7. Paolo sagt:

    Hi! The link for AROS PasteQuick ( is broken.

  8. Steff sagt:

    Whery nice tools! thx for support!

  9. AMIGASYSTEM sagt:

    Ciao, i would like to inform you that with „AskYourAmiga“ AROS version, GIF images are downloaded to RAM:T but are not visible in the application window.

  10. AMIGASYSTEM sagt:

    Thanks, v0.6 works fine on AROS One x86

    If you are interested AYA works fine also on AROS 68k, see screnshot on my News

  11. emeck sagt:

    Hello, just tested AYA on MOS 3.15 and when displaying long text results, the text doesn’t wrap in the window, so it is not possible to read it all. And the bottom horizontal scroll bar doesn’t work, it is filled, as if there is nothing to scroll.

  12. Haystack sagt:

    Regarding MCAMIGA

    Hi, I’ve succesfully downloaded the source-code for 0.5 + 0.9 for MCAMIGA and have succesfully using my A4000 + FPC compiler managed to build the executable, and it runs fine at first glance.

    But the dialog window, ASKFORNAME appears eg when you create a new folder, does not retain focus. I have to click right arrow followed by a key for each input to work. If i run 0.5 or 0.9 binary downloads, it runs with no issue.

    I’ve tried to use fpcupdelxe to cross compile it, but gives me same result.

    I’ve tested in a 3.1 Workbench setup as well in UAE, same issue.
    Do you have any idea what’s wrong – do note, that I’m not very skilled within Amiga programming.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      you need the latest FPC 3.3.1 version, the FPC 3.2.x does not have all patches

      • Haytack sagt:

        Thank you for the tip. I tried for some hours, but giving up now on how to get a working 3.3.1 version on the Amiga 4000. Found the nightly builds, but it only has the commandline part it seems. I tried to get the command line working, but keeps warning about missing unit files, couldn’t get beyond one that said charset used by Video was wrong version (207, I think it should be 208).

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