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Version 0.2

A simple calculator with variables and small MUI GUI.


A small games with colors, fill the area with the color.

ColorIt on MorphOS


Version 0.2

A simple function plotter with ASCII and PNG export.


Version 1.1

A classical mine sweeper clone.


A 2048-game clone.

Bin Shifter 1.0


Version 0.1

Control software for a Extron DSC 301 HD scaler and input switch.


Version 0.41

Transfer contents of Clipboard to and receive the link.


Version 0.1

Read the time from a Hopf DCF-77 radio clock (see inset in the picture). The clock must be connected to the serial port (serial.device Unit 0).

Small Tools

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  1. LioFR sagt:

    I wrote a comment on about MUI Mapparium. I did not find a contact info so I am writing that here (sorry for that). Cheers. Lio

    I tried this new MUI mapparium release (0.6) on AOS4.1FE/X5000 and as the previous release, it does not work !
    first the execute bit is missing after unarchiving on nearly all files and second nothing happens after double click on the icon… no error message no window opens but whatever I do afterwards I have a complete freeze of my system…
    I tried again with snoopy but nothing is really showing up, no fail…

  2. Vincent sagt:

    Great stuff! You give people a reason to work with the Amiga instead of only playing with it.

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