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GPSTool is a program to test your GPS device and a easy tool to record a track on an Amiga system.


Amiga m68k, AROS i386, MorphOS


It supports various GPS devices connected via USB or serial and use the NMEA protocol to operate.
known working:

  • Garmin eMap (serial on Amiga, serial.device) do not forget to put the serial interface to NMEA mode in eMap menu
  • NaviLock GPS NL-602U USB (USB on AROS/MorphOS, usbmodem.device)
  • Stoton G-702 (USB on AROS)

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  1. Stefan Blixth sagt:

    I’ve tried with Globalsat BU-353 under MorphOS and it work with device set to serialpl2303.device with baudrate 4800 aswell.


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