Posted by ALB42 on 10. Juli 2017

MUIMapparium is a Viewer for all Amiga Systems with Waypoints/Tracks/Routes Loading/Saving creation.

all Systems
  • RTG Graphics card (Picasso 96 or CGFX) 15/16/24/32 bit Screen
  • TCP/IP Stack (Internet connection)
  • 8+ MB RAM
Supported Amiga-systems
  • Amiga 68k, 68020+, (68881+ FPU recommended) AmigaOS 3.0+
  • Amiga OS4, OS 4.0+
  • AROS i386, ABIv0
  • AROS ARM, ABIv0 ARMV6+ VFPV2+ HardFloat (e.g. RasPi 1-3)
  • AROS x86_64, ABIv1 (non SMP-Version)
  • MorphOS 3.8+
Additional Notes

The FPU version is much faster, especially with routes and tracks. If
you experience slow map movement, with the NoFPU version, don’t blame me
(or the program) buy a proper FPU.

With Vampire (at least until Gold 2.9) you have to use the
NoFPU-Version of MUIMapparium. The Vampire FPU is not IEEE754
compatible and therefore does not work with MUIMapparium.

Offline Operation is possible, but only harddisk cached map images
are shown.

Downloads: MUIMapparium 0.8

MUIMapparium 0.5

MUIMapparium 0.6