Posted by ALB42 on 26. Februar 2023

A new browser for classic Amiga.

How does AmiFox actually work?

It’s using a virtual Chrome browser on our backend that basically is remote controlled by AmiFox sending back images of the webpage and processing mouse clicks and key strokes.

Is my data secure? How does AmiFox ensure nobody can access it considering how it works?

The containers can only be used by your AmiFox session, this is ensured by a secure token (generated based on session and random crypto data) exchanged between AmiFox and the virtual server. So if anyone guesses the IP and port of it he still can’t use your virtual browser in which you might have logged into $randomService.

The virtual server / browser and AmiFox will use a TLS encrypted connection, if you have AmiSSL installed. If you don’t have it installed it will fallback to an unencrypted connection. You can quickly see your current status in the lower right corner, if you see a closed lock your communication is TLS secured. If it’s open you’re using an unencrypted connection. In case TLS causes trouble for you, you can force disable it by using the tooltype UseSSL=NO.

But in the end, the trust chain always ends at us (the AmiDev team) – even with TLS secured communication admins of the servers hosting the virtual servers could theoretically access the data inside the virtual servers. You should treat AmiFox as „some random proxy server“ and only trust it as much as you trust us. Of course, if you ask us: you can blindly trust us But who would trust us on saying so.

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Can I host my own server?

Yes it is possible to use an own WRP server. You can either use the original WRP or the patched special version for AmiFox from us. Our special version offers more function than the original (most of all click and drag of mouse, possible to download files, security token, SSL if wanted)

You can also use the ready to use docker container here are some scripts to get the container, start and stop it: AmiFoxServer-Scripts

To tell AmiFox to use that server add the Tooltype to the AmiFox icon: WRPSERVER=http://server_name_or_ip:port if you gave it a security token to connect you set that also via an ToolType WRPTOKEN=xxxx

Download Version 0.5: