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FreePascal for AROS

Check for more informations this blog or: FPC-AROS Wiki

Binary releases

FreePascal 3.2.0a for i386-aros ABIv0 with Installer MD5: ed3b74e897e76f562776ff7003c9b1be

FreePascal 3.2.0a for arm-aros with Installer MD5: ba0465d6174bc48b6b464ada2447234b

You might need to install InstallerLG first: i386-aros, arm-aros

older release:

Stable FPC 3.0.1 for i386-aros
MD5: 8b0f04ee96696e981cf35b741bd1cef7
Stable freepascal release RTL, FCL and AROS units. Needed to compile the freepascal from trunk.

FPC from trunk for i386-aros with fpgui,MUI and LCL
(Release 26.08.2017) MD5:

FPC from trunk for arm-aros
(Release 26.08.2017) MD5:

FPC from trunk for x86_64-aros
(Release 26.08.2017) MD5:

Check nightly release packages for work in progress packages.


Check the Lazarus in a Virtual machine for cross compile environment.

Binary releases ARM ABIv0:

No release until now, please check nightly release packages for work in progress packages.

Binary releases x86_64 ABIv1:

No release until now, please check nightly release packages for work in progress packages.

FPC Source (official Version): from freepascal.org:

svn checkout http://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/trunk fpc

FPGUI Source (AROS Version): from GitHub:

svn checkout https://github.com/alb42/fpGUI/trunk fpgui

Lazarus Source (AROS fpgui Version): from GitHub:

svn checkout https://github.com/alb42/lazarus/trunk lazarus

Freepascal AROS Documention (Raw FPCDoc XMLs) (20.11.2013)
MD5: 1caafa8afed408828b13d52ee06b7cb3

Programs written in FPC for AROS:
Mapparium i386-aros, arm-aros OpenStreetMap Viewer
EdiSyn i386-aros, arm-aros your friendly Editor with Tabs and Syntaxhighlighting
ZuPaPlayer i386-aros, arm-aros (Zune Pascal Player) MOD Player with Zune interface and mikmod player routine.
Shift It GL i386-aros tiny thinking game with OpenGL graphics
ColorIt i386-aros, arm-aros A tiny game with colors
FPCMines i386-aros, arm-aros A Minesweeper Clone for AROS
ArTorr i386-aros simple torrent client for AROS Version 0.1
APict i386-aros, arm-aros simple fast image viewer for AROS, Version 1.1
AROSDebugView i386-aros debug output viewer, with filter and network support
PasteQuick 0.41 i386-aros transfer contents of Clipboard to Pastebin.com and receive the link.
Lyapunov i386-aros generate beautiful fractals
LazSokoban i386-aros Sokoban game for AROS
BinShifter i386-aros Shift numbers together to reach high points
MUI Inspector 1.0 i386-aros inspect MUI objects
GPSTool i386-aros Show Data from a connected GPS, record tracks
Hex2 i386-aros a calculator (shell only)
GenerateMD5 i386-aros Calculate MD5 for a file
TAChartTest i386-aros A simple function plotter
ShowWindows i386-aros list the current windows on screen with parent relations
UI Designer i386-aros UI designer from the fpgui package.
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    Hi !
    As I don’t have a Linux system, can you please create the chm documentation for the Aros units, please ?

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