AmiFox Server Update

Posted by ALB42 on 6. Januar 20242 Comments

I updated the online component of AmiFox, just some tiny bugfixes and improvements for avoiding anti-crawler detection and some modules update including some changes for newer chrome versions.

There is no update needed for AmiFox it stays at the current version. Only if you use the docker on your own server you might want pull the latest version. The AmiFox Server Version is still 0.3 because there is no functional change, but the underlying WRP Version is now 4.6.1 (up from 4.6.0), you can read this Version numbers in the About Box of AmiFox after you loaded a webpage.

2 comments to "AmiFox Server Update"

  1. Salvatore sagt:

    Many Thanks!

  2. Salvatore sagt:

    there has been an improvement with the site but still now I cannot log in, thanks anyway

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