AmiFox 0.4 Amiga38 Edition

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Oktober 2023One Comment

Prepared a special Version of AmiFox for Amiga38. McDope did a lot of work to create a boxed Version of AmiFox to sell to people (later I decided to pay the bill and make the box a free of charge item).

The Box looks very nice and will be given out for free at the event (others already pre-ordered and will get the box by mail). Originally it was planed to have 50 boxes but the printer services was somehow very generous and send much more boxes for the same price. I added a little serial number and the A38 logo for the people getting this boxed version, every box has a unique serial number. But the serial ist just cosmetics and shown in the window and about. AmiFox is and stays free.

The new version has some new Features like a AREXX interface, a possibility to submit a webpage as command line parameter (both useful for OpenURL usage).

Especially for small screen Amigas (like Native PAL Hires Mode) parts of the interface can be hidden. either automatically (the status bar) or by button click (the text input bar).

Besides that many bugs are fixed as well.

Download as always at the AmiFox Page.

One comment to "AmiFox 0.4 Amiga38 Edition"

  1. salvatore sagt:

    thanks for your support also for aros, amifox works fine but i cannot access a after logging

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