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Posted by ALB42 on 8. Juli 20237 Comments

Usually when I translate texts from one language to an other I use DeepL to do it, it makes better results than Google translate in the most cases (at least if german is the target language). It also has an API to use and the first 500.000 chars are free, so I created a little program for Amiga to use that API.

It’s stupidly named AmiTranslate I know very unimaginative but hey seems the name is not used already, so why not. Of course the program needs an Internet connection and SSL (OpenSSL3 on MorphOS; AmiSSL on all other systems) because it talks directly with the DeepL server (via https) and it needs the texteditor.mcc.

Of course for some of the languages there is the problem of showing the chars (e.g. russian) for that I included a PDF writing function and a plain UTF-8 Text output then you can use other programs to read the actual text. of course nicer would be to make a real TTF output maybe later.

I also removed some languages which does not work at all (even the PDF output, like japanese, korean and chinese)

If you have an own DeepL key you can add the ToolType „DEEPLKEY=<key>“ to the icon, then even my 500.000 chars are used you can still use your own, it’s free so why not.

Downloads at the programs Page

7 comments to "AmiTranslate with DeepL"

  1. Amiwell sagt:

    many thanks ALB42

  2. Mikhail sagt:

    For UTF8 texts it’s better to use the codesets.library
    Then any text in many languages (like russian, polish, greek) that are not latin-1 based can be converted to local 8bit encoding used by the system

    • ALB42 sagt:

      What for?
      Code conversation is already included in FreePascal and what the program is doing already to show the UTF8 in your local codeset (or german umlauts or french accent would not work)

  3. Mikhail sagt:

    Nice tool.

    > I also removed some languages which does not work at all (even the PDF output, like japanese, korean and chinese)

    Why do they not work?

    Is the 500.000 characters limit per day?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      no standard mui textedit.mcc cannot show korean/chinese/japanese charachters,
      with PDF it would be possible, but even there the included FreeSans does not have these characters, usually you install additional fonts for these asain languages, maybe I will try that in the future again 😉

  4. Mikhail sagt:

    Oh, this page removes all line breaks in my previous comment. WordPress can’t do that right?

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