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Posted by ALB42 on 27. März 20239 Comments

A new version of AmiFox is ready for release, I fixed some more bugs the last days. The 0.3 Version is a big step forward for usability of AmiFox. Most of these features I already introduced in the blog entries here so just a short recap.

  • Copy Text from selected webpage (AmiFox-Server 0.2+)
  • Copy Clipboard from Server (AmiFox-Server 0.2+)
  • IFF Format (AmiFox-Server 0.2+)
  • send longer texts to page (needs texteditor.mcc)
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Shift cursor up/down send as Page up/Down (AmiFox-Server 0.2+)
  • Error message when Datatype could not load image
  • send Youtube URLs to AmiTube
  • send Google Maps and OpenStreetmap positions to Mapparium
  • AROS Version atm i386 and 64bit ABIv11
  • Read URL at Mouse position
  • direct download of catched URL at mouse position
  • save Webpage Image
  • Copy/Paste URL

Downloads as always on the AmiFox Page or with the Update check inside AmiFox.

If you using an own AmiFox Server please note that you must update to the latest Version to get all the Features, The Current Version should have the Version Number „AmiFox-Server 0.3“ visible in the AmiFox about (after at least one page was loaded) or in the footer of the AmiFoxServer webpage, next to the WRP Version number.

9 comments to "AmiFox 0.3"

  1. Amiwell sagt:

    Thanks Alb42

  2. ERNIE sagt:

    Interview with Alb about AmiFox @ German Amiga Podcast #12:

  3. Luke sagt:

    AmiFox is a great idea. I’m just curious how the files are downloaded? WRP server is an intermediary or AmiFox directly downloads the file to my Amiga? >> WRP >> AmiFox

    or >> AmiFox

    • ALB42 sagt: >> AmiFox

      WRP only sends URLs detected as „downloads“ back to AmiFox and then AmiFox does the actual downloading on this URL (as wget would) of course that does not work if that needs some cookies (for login for example) or other fancy javascript stuff.

  4. amiwell79 sagt:

    works fine on vampire V4 SA thanks Albs

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