AmiTube 1.4

Posted by ALB42 on 24. März 20233 Comments

A new release of AmiTube is ready. The biggest enhancement is the Search by ID window for easier handling of YouTube URLs.

A second improvement is the self made AREXX Port for AROS which make it possible to send URLs from AmiFox to AmiTube when you are on a Youtube Video page. (all other platforms had it before already)

  • Bugfix for Get Original Window when no entry is selected
  • Search by ID Window added for easier URL handling
  • Support for Youtube shorts (movies in portait format)
  • show the time left when downloading videos
  • AREXX port for AROS

Download as always on the AmiTube Page

3 comments to "AmiTube 1.4"

  1. mmartinka sagt:

    Thank you for update.
    One question… how I can download the movie with width 480px. For mpeg 1.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      not sure what you mean, but with the Button „Get original“ you can get any resolution YouTube provides and then recode them to the resolution you want. 480p is not a standard size YouTube provides so I guess you have to go with 720p or if not available with 360p as start.

  2. Amiwell sagt:

    Thanks Alb42

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