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Posted by ALB42 on 29. Juli 20228 Comments

„Alex R“ found a AmiTube problem on Amiga OS4 and reported it to me. (some days before already) I tried to implement that AmiTube remembers the splitter position. Sadly I made a big error there resulting in a very small barely recognizable List on the left side of the window. I only tested it on m68k-Amiga where it did not happen, but after a bit of trying I found the culprit and fixed it.

Originally I planed to release that fix with the next version, but now I got some more bug reports about the exact same thing (hmm, nobody of the beta testers reported it). It seems that it is not only an OS4-problem but also happens on at least MorphOS and some 68 Amigas. Therefore I will release this new version now, with bugfixes only, no functional changes.

Sorry for the trouble, if you are affected by this bug.

Download as always on the AmiTube Page

Thanks to „Alex R“ for the report and the members of the AmiTube Discord channel and of course Amix for the constant support and feature ideas (even if I can’t implement them all)

8 comments to "AmiTube 1.3"

  1. salvatore abbate sagt:

    thank you very much

  2. salvatore abbate sagt:

    hi ALBS

    do not possible downloading the program (all version)

  3. Damex sagt:

    AmiTube is great! I thought of writing something like it the moment AgaConv got released. Thanks for making it happen!

  4. Hello Albs, I have problems with amitube does not convert the video but uploading files and the program works

    • ALB42 sagt:

      to be honest, I do not understand what you are saying?
      AmiTube does not convert videos? what that mean?
      Uploading files? AmiTube has no such function?
      Program works… so does it work or now? confused?

  5. sorry I had to wait, everything works

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