AmiTube 0.7

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Januar 20223 Comments

The new release for AmiTube is ready to rock. The most important news are the Large AGA CDXL Setting (320px width) But be aware the file become huge. The other feature, which could make AmiTube interesting for NG Amigas, is the direct download of the Original movie or Audio only file.

Also new is the Update function, it checks for update and downloads the new LHA archive. This time there are more translation included (french by Eric ‚Tarzin‘ Luczyszyn and norwegian by Michal Bergseth).

Full List:

  • New CDXL Option 320px and AGA colors
  • direct download from youtube without conversation
  • select resolution on direct download
  • Update checking
  • Download latest version
  • Question before delete movie
  • Translation for french (by Eric ‚Tarzin‘ Luczyszyn) and norwegian (by Michal Bergseth) added

Download on the AmiTube Page

3 comments to "AmiTube 0.7"

  1. Łukasz Pączko sagt:

    Hello. It’s great that you shared the new version of AmiTube. I would just like to ask you a few little details. What version of WGet should I use for MorphOS and AmigaOS 3.x? Currently I’m using version 1.16.3 for MorphOS and version 1.12R2 for OS 3.x, will both be good? The second question is what arguments does AmiTube use? So far I’ve noticed two, which is %f is the name/path to the file and %u is the URL? Greetings.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      thanks for using my program.
      I’m not sure if I can answer that question 😉 because I dont know…. the newest you can find I guess, at MorphOS I use the one coming with the system (or with the developer package I’m not sure where it belongs to).
      And sorry no luck on OS 3.x 2 reasons for that..
      1) I was not able to find a wget version which was compiled with SSL-support so it will not work and
      2) The URL from Youtube is HUGE in fact too long for a standard Amiga parameter string (I guess max 255 chars) hence I guess it will only work on MorphOS (seems they upped the limit for the parameterlength)
      yes the %u = url and %f = the filename which you choose in the requester. these tokens will be replaced by the actual url and filename when wget is called.

  2. Łukasz Pączko sagt:

    Thanks for the answer. Honestly, I don’t know what version of WGet has MorphOS, I downloaded the newest one from MorphOS Storage. Anyway, great that you created AmiTube. I do not promise, but I would like to create a Polish translation for the program, and icons in the style of GlowIcons 3.5/9.

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