Ask Your Amiga 0.1

Posted by ALB42 on 17. Oktober 20205 Comments

Finally I found some motivation to put a release together of „Ask Your Amiga“ the new tool for your beloved Amiga. It’s working nicely, now also can save the image or text, but nothing more… just very basic functionality but even so I like it working rather smooth even on my slower Amiga 68030.

As always it is available for all Amiga systems with an Internet connection and a GIF Datatype installed.

  • Amiga 68020+ OS3.0+
  • AROS x86 ABIv0, ARM Raspi ABIv0, x64 ABIv1 nonSMP
  • MorphOS 3.x
  • AmigaOS 4.x

Download: AYA 0.1

5 comments to "Ask Your Amiga 0.1"

  1. polluks sagt:

    Thank you!
    An image does not render on 16 bit screens (at least with MorphOS).

  2. Chain-Q sagt:

    MorphOS has a GIF datatype built in by default, so I guess it is something else. But very cool that you finally released it!

  3. salvo sagt:

    yes good program

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