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Posted by ALB42 on 27. Mai 202011 Comments

Finished a little bit more MCAmiga testing, especially on MorphOS and AmigaOS4 there where some serious problems. On AmigaOS4 the device view did not work at all, just crashed, reason was a bug in the AmigaDOS unit of FreePascal. I fixed that exact problem already for other platforms, and now also on AmigaOS4. On MorphOS only tiny changes are needed, mostly related to the supplied lha being a little bit different than the one on classic, but still very close. AROS was a bigger problem, the lha command here is completely different, very limited actually, for example you cannot extract a single file.

MCAmiga 0.5 on MorphOS 3.11

I got a hint from Charlie to use cad to unpack archives, because it supports many different formats and it’s available for at least classic and MorphOS, I found out for AROS there is also a version in contrib, that means at least Icaros even comes automatically with it. AmigaOS4 seems not to have it, at least I did not find it. It works very nicely, easy to operate, but sadly it’s only for unpacking archives, no way to pack them. That means the functionality is limited to read only access in MCAmiga. Therefore I gave xad a lower priority over the native lha/lzx programs, except on AROS because there xad is the better choice, the native lha command does not work at all.

MCAmiga 0.5 on AROS i386 ABIv0

Besides that big feature for handling archives, I added a lot of small stuff, like Shift cursor keys to select file, or Ctrl cursor keys to jump fast up and down or to first item (left) or to last item (right). Start programs with enter and wait for finish or with Shift Enter an do not wait for it, so effectively start it in a new shell.

MCAmiga on a Amiga with OS3.9

The Source is now also available on GitHub completely. I did put it there on the first release but I forget to push the changed source. I committed locally only. But now the full source should be there, so take it an improve it and most importantly have fun with it.

MCAmiga 0.5 on Amiga OS 4

For now that is already a very useful program for me, more or less finished. I do not really need more than that, maybe one day one could add an editor to it, especially an hex editor. But at the moment I don’t need it.

The requirements did not change, still Amiga 68020+, 4 MB, AmigaOS3.x, AmigaOS4 (except X5000), MorphOS 3.x, AROS i386 ABIv0, AROS ARM ABIv0, AROS x64 ABIv1 NonSMP

Download: MCAmiga for all Amiga systems

11 comments to "MCAmiga 0.5"

  1. Voja sagt:

    Please add that your software deliberately does NOT work on Vampire FPGA systems, so its users should avoid it. Thank you.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Sorry I forget to remove that from my template, sorry, next version will work again. I got a lot of bugfixes, hence I have to make a bugfix version.

      • vox sagt:

        So MUI Mapparium (at least no FPU) and MC will work on Vampire in next releases? Thanks.

        • ALB42 sagt:

          yeah, if I have time to make a new release of Leu and MUIMapparium, already planed a while, but I’m too busy with other stuff.
          It was my try to point to a problem… seems not many people care.. so it became stupid and useless… therefore I decided a while before already to remove that. Also I wanted to open all my sources as some open source, just need a little bit time to order the sources, especially in MUIMapparium, thats the reason I didn’t do it until now.
          I dist just forget about this when starting MCAmiga and because it is in my default version keeping it came in again. Sorry again.

          • vox sagt:

            AmiKit for Vampire is in progress and it will make Coffin obsolete solution and legalize the situation. Its better to keep version usable on all Amigas. Cheers and expecting your next releases!

          • ALB42 sagt:

            ah good to know, btw. just as a secret, MUIMapparium works on AROS also on Vampire, it tests for AROS. And AmiKit asked for a special Version with AmiKit detection, which I sent to him which works on AmiKit on Vampire as well. (but thats only MUIMapparium, in Leu and MCAmiga its the old template)
            A friendly email can solve a lot of problems.

  2. kas1e sagt:

    Can you share what those issues about non-working on x5000 are? I just tried MCAmiga 0.5 on my x5000 and it just crashes on running 🙁

  3. Nikos sagt:

    Great software indeed

    Just one thing which doesn’t work for me unless there is something I do wrong. I can’t seem to be able to find (if they are created) any lha and lzx files I create through MCAmiga.

    Any ideas?

  4. Nikos sagt:

    Yes they are both in c:
    Lha is 2.15 version but I don’t remember the lzx version. In dopus both work great and here in MCAmiga extraction works good as well. Even zip files work as well. The creation seems to be the issue.

    My Aos is with Beat WB and a bit of 3.9 (classes mostly) and it works wonders

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