MUIMapparium 0.5

Posted by ALB42 on 9. Juli 20173 Comments

I decided to release the next Version of MUIMapparium even not all features are finished as I planed just to get the bugfixes out. Routes (calculated directions) can be loaded from GPX and showed on map. But I did not implement the route finding and direction command showing until now. Especially the Track curve plot was still very buggy, and of course I described in a previous blog post the pixel to position calculation which is now much better, much more precise but also much slower than before, with FPU it does not make big difference, but with SoftFloat not really funny. Routes and Tracks are now pre-calculated for the current zoom level. If the zoom level is very small and the track therefore not really good to see, only some pixels wide, it does only paint some points of it, which makes the overviews much faster. Still, with SoftFPU on 68k it still will be too slow if you have some Tracks/Routes. The drawing of Tracks/Marker/Routes can be completely switched off in Menu or buy a FPU 🙂 The package for Amiga68k does contain a FPU and Non-FPU.
I also created a little GPX file with a Track, some Markers and a Route to test the features. (Even you can use any GPX/KML/KMZ/FIT File you can find on the Internet as well)

  • Bugfix: imperial units
  • Bugfix: key mapping
  • Bugfix: 2nd track curve drawing
  • Bugfix: Date/Time loading from GPX,KML,KMZ files
  • Level of Detail for Tracks
  • Precalculation of Trackpositions (Speed optimization for NonFPU systems)
  • Route drawing
  • Marker in Plot, shows also a marker in the Track
  • Turn off Marker, Track and Route drawing via Menu
  • Define Directory for Images via ToolTypes: e.g. DATAPATH=DH1:TmpDir
  • Change find IP to (old one is too slow currently)
  • FPU Version for 68k
Downloads: MUIMapparium Page


MUIMapparium 0.5

3 comments to "MUIMapparium 0.5"

  1. Polluks sagt:

    – add a .cd file for third party translations
    – remove Catalogs/english/
    – add ToolType templates, e.g. (DATADIR=DH1:TmpDir)

    • Magorium sagt:

      > Polluks wrote:
      > – remove Catalogs/english/

      Why ?

      In case you haven’t noticed, MUIMapparium uses Klingon language internally ;-p

      Is there a rules somewhere (please refer to official docs, because i honestly can’t find it) that even remotely suggests that the internal used language can/must only be English ?

      But, on a more serious note: supplying an external English catalog allows for typo’s or small corrections without the need to re-compile the complete application (and for all platforms).

      I would call that a smart solution (can’t say otherwise, as i was the one that suggested to supply the English catalog for reasons mentioned above)


      • magorium sagt:

        I forgot to mention:

        That means that if you would like to get rid of the English external catalog (in case you really don’t like it), that you can simply delete it.

        That way, the application will fall back to internal language.

        Happy Klingon-ing 😉


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