2 comments to "Mapparium 0.2 Release"

  1. xenic sagt:

    I tried both the OS4 & OS3 versions of Mapparium on OS4 hardware. Others have already mentioned the font problems in the OS4 version but I have noticed a problem with both versions. When I ran Snoopy (like OS3 SnoopDos) I discovered that Mapparium is opening timer.device repeatedly (several times per second). After several thousand timer.device openings I decided to wait until that problem is fixed before I install Mapparium permanently on my system.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      The font problem is already fixed, will be in the next release included.

      Yes the timer.device is Opened (and closed) very often, for all kinds of timers and measuring of times. Why this is a problem? Even on a Classic Amiga it does not need any (measurable) time.
      It’s done this way to be thread-safe at any level of abstraction.

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