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Posted by ALB42 on 29. Januar 20225 Comments

Finished today the Version 0.8 of AmiTube. I reworked the whole network code (at my A1200 the download speed nearly doubled with that). You can sort the video list by any column present by double clicking on en entry (MUI doesn’t allow to click onto the title as it seems) or by using the menu items for it. Also new is the AmigaGuide help, you might want to try pressing Help from time to time.

Most of the other changes are bugfixes, thanks to all the diligent tester and bug reporters out there.

Changes List:

  • Faster download speed
  • bugfix download speed display
  • bugfix invalid moviedir
  • bugfix load icon when a download is running
  • bugfix start a download when one is already running
  • bugfix clipboard device
  • sort results in list by name, duration or size
  • choice to ask for a path everytime a conversation job is started,
  • if canceled the default moviedir is used
  • italian and polish translation
  • alternative more colorful icons for AmiTube and folder
  • AmigaGuide Help

Download on the AmiTube Page or use the build in Update check to get the latest AmiTube archive.

5 comments to "AmiTube 0.8"

  1. salvatore abbate sagt:


    the archive v0.8 for aros there is not present only v0.7


  2. salvatore abbate sagt:

    Thank you for this precious resource


  3. Mirq sagt:

    Do you think that there’s possibility to add option to download MP3 or even better to download audio only in some more Amiga friendly format?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      hmm sure would be possible, but you can do that conversation on Amiga just now already.
      download FFMpeg, download the m4a Audio only direct Youtube Download and then convert it to mp3
      ffmpeg -i ram:xxxx.m4a dh1:xxxx.mp3
      Works great for me, just converted Spy vs Spy from LukHash with it.

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