Bigger CDXL

Posted by ALB42 on 30. Dezember 20213 Comments

On popular demand, I added a new CDXL convert option, with 256 colors and a width of 320 pixel (instead of 160) of course the movies looks much better with that, but also become huge. So I guess the download speeds from classic Amiga systems will be even more a problem.

Nevertheless now it’s in and will be published with the next Version of AmiTube, stay tuned.

3 comments to "Bigger CDXL"

  1. Lucas sagt:

    Hello Marcus. In addition to being able to download movies in a larger size (CDXL), will it also be possible to download the original movie from YT? I am asking for the M68K version, because, for example, FFPlay for OS 3.x can play a stream from the network. And by the way, there are programs for MorphOS that require AmiSSL 68K, such as RNOxfer. Anyway, thank you for a great job. Greetings.

  2. Curious how will look on my system! thanks

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