The 100% useless AROS distribution Version 0.2

Posted by ALB42 on 15. Juli 20206 Comments

I updated the AROS64 source I had to the new stabilized ABIv1 AROS64 introduced by deadw00d (see source on github). At the start I had some tiny problems, e.g. collect-aros was crashing here as well. But in contrast to the main SMP AROS64/Icaros64 after my bug report, it was fixed very fast. Therefore I was able to compile at 64 bit AROS again using FreePascal, very nice. I also tried some of my old programs and all work rather nicely, some tiny problems of course but overall not bad. I will try to investigate what of these programs are from my code or fpc code and what comes from AROS64 itself. I’m not sure if more bug reports are wanted (because I guess deadw00d aims more to the AxRT) but maybe I will try it.

The 100% useless AROS distribution Version 0.2 with some of my programs and freepascal

Because that worked so flawless, I decided to create a new version of my AROS64 distribution „The 100% useless AROS distribution“ this time already much more stable and much more useful than before.

I added some more programs, (not only my own) the FP-IDE does work, but sadly the compilation still crash, so you have to use the shell to compile. I even got the network to work and MUIMapparium shows the map nicely and search also works, so maybe the name is somewhat wrong now, it’s only 99% useless, after all? Nevertheless have fun with it.

Download on the T100pUAD page

6 comments to "The 100% useless AROS distribution Version 0.2"

  1. Chain-Q sagt:

    So this version has no SMP? I still wonder what goes wrong with our threading support on SMP AROS…

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Yes that is the Version forked before the SMP was introduced. What I always call non-SMP Version of AROS, all my programs are compiled for that AROS type.

      Icaros64 and main AROS64 are the SMP-AROS (even SMP is disabled when compiling) and still not really working. Seems they are still not able to provide a working native gcc (or collect-aros, the linker) so I’m not able to check what they’ve and how that 256-alignment changes other structures.

      The SMP Version (with actiavted) SMP I never really got it to work, tried in qemu, vmware and a native machine, it either did not boot (crash somewhere at the start in kernel) or the SMP did not work, it shows multiple processors but never uses more than one, even with the example programs.
      My questions about it was more or less denied because it is not finished/stable after all. I only know you have to set a flag somewhere that this software is able to use more than one core and then define the affinity.

    • magorium sagt:

      Hi Chain-Q,

      ALB42 is correct there. There are (still) some issues with smp in AROS kernel and just recently trunk showed that some related work on that was done in AROS tree (not sure if the current commits require additional work to make things work (better) though).

  2. Tim O sagt:

    Hi have you got any interest in an ARM (rPi specifically) build of your distro?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Not much, in fact I don’t have much interest to build a AROS64 distribution, but there is none, so even someone wants to try FPC on AROS64 (trying how 64 bit Amiga style programming feels? 😉 ) there was no distribution to use. And with T100pUAD I changed that 😉
      For AROS ARM on Raspi there is a distribution already out there AEROS, I also use that on my RasPi.

    • magorium sagt:

      Hi Tim O,

      Besides aeros you can also download a AROS hosted arm version for the Pi and make your own ‚distro‘. It is however, 32 bit.

      afaik there is no 64 bit support for AROS on arm, except for native version that mschultz is working on.

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