FreePascal 3.2.0

Posted by ALB42 on 20. Juni 202030 Comments

Finally Version 3.2.0 of FreePascal is released. This is the first final release contains the Amiga style systems fully usable. A while before I did some extra work to also create an Amiga-sytle installer, which will be also released with this. Today I will also release the 3.2.0 FreePascal packages for Amiga 68k, Amiga OS4, AROS for ARM, AROS for i386 and MorphOS. So basically all versions except AROS for x86_64 because that’s still too unstable to use (mainly the AROS 64 bit is still a moving target and I was not able to fix that, because AROS is simply not working after the last changes and my last questions about it got just ignored)

Amiga 68k OS3.x+ 68020+ SoftFPU
Amiga OS4 OS4.x PowerPC (X5000 not supported)
AROS ARM RasPi 1-4 ABIv0
AROS i386 ABIv0
MorphOS OS 3.x
Have fun using them!

You notice, these files are still hosted on my server and not on the official FreePascal Server, as the last release 3.0 as well. I was told because my previous packages did not meet the standards for official FreePascal packages. Which was true, I did not care about and packed a lot additional stuff into, like fpgui or LCL and I did not know there are readme texts to add which are not in the official repository but in an external one.

For that release 3.2 I did a lot of work on finding out what would be a good Amiga style package and which docs/texts should be added. Therefore I created that installer package I release today. I also asked for a review and put on to the official FreePascal server, as an official Amiga FreePascal package or give me feedback on what I should further changed.

Sadly that did not happen, I did not get any feedback and the release archives are still nowhere to be found on the official servers, therefore missed for that release.

That whole story took away my motivation as well over the last month as well, it seems rather futile to continue to work on it, when nobody even really use it, which is still true, unfortunately, I have to admit.

30 comments to "FreePascal 3.2.0"

  1. Sven sagt:

    Thank you for providing these Amiga(-like) packages!

    Where (and when) did you ask regarding the packages? I’ve looked through the Core mailing list and at least did not find any *obvious* mail from you about this. At least I (and probably Charlie as well) would welcome release installers for Amiga.

  2. magorium sagt:

    As long as you are are that there is at least one other sucker in this universe that definitely appreciate your work and actually makes use of it.

    (i was talking about me, not you ;-p ).

    Thank you ALB42 !

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Of course I know, but you are a special case you could do this even without me, and as I see on your library units you do actually, thanks for your support.

  3. Martin sagt:

    Gibt es Programmier-Anfänger-Bücher für die FreePascal 3.2.0 um zum Beispiel wie mann einen Jump N Run oder 2D Racing Programmieren kann?
    Könnten Sie eine Empfehlung geben?

  4. Matthias sagt:

    Thanks for this reease and your work on it.
    I believe that there are people who want to use it.

  5. Samo79 sagt:

    I think FPC still very important, thanks for keeping the project alive 🙂

  6. Porno-Ralle sagt:

    Sorry, aber wer braucht so ein beschissenes Programm. Kein Schwein. Hör mit dem Mist auf und mach was ordentliches. Der Amiga ist tod.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Usually I do not let such comments publish, but I just want to show to some people what nasty people are out there. Who is spending time and effort to write emails and blog comments to coders, who uses his free time to create programs, without pay, which other people find helpful, not obviously all, but some. Which is more than such comment do, I doubt anyone would find such text helpful.
      I am really wondering what’s going on in your head to try to discourage someone to create software for Amiga or any other system.

      • PascalDragon sagt:

        I don’t understand such people… if you don’t want/need it, then don’t use it! And let other people work on what they want to work on…

      • Porno-Ralle sagt:

        Nicht aufregen Brauner. Ist ja schön dass du in deiner Freizeit programmierst, allerdings ist der Amiga seit vielen Jahren tod. Dein Programm nützt niemanden was! Mach was für den PC oder Android. Da läuft noch was. Dein Programm braucht echt kein Schwein mehr.
        Und jetzt leg dich hin und verhafte mal ein Sixpack und guck dir ein paar nette Filmchen an!!!

        • Molly sagt:

          Ja ja, nu weten we het zo langzamerhand wel Relschoppertje.

          De Amiga is dood, lang leve de PC.

          Daaruit blijkt maar weer eens dat je geen idee hebt waarover je raaskalkt.

          Trouwens, Android ? Laat me niet lachen joh. Dat platform was al dood voordat het uberhaupt op de markt verscheen.

          Over zwijnen gesproken.

          Niemand maar dan ook helemaal niemand op deze aardkloot zit te wachten op het schrijven van nog meer zooi voor jouw type mens met hun tablet/foon.

          Het zorgt alleen maar voor nog meer van jouw soort reacties omdat die bovenkamer van zulks type mens al helemaal gefrituurd is.

          Elke verdere reactie van jouw kant bewijst en versterkt enkel mijn punt.

          Baai baai, achterljke trol.

        • ALB42 sagt:

          I have to apologize for that weak troll here, I really had high hopes after the first comment but sadly that’s not a good troll.
          Let’s check our clipboard, how our contestant did it.

          As said the start was good, total ignorance of the language spoken in this blog, a mildly offensive name, with a stupid email address, but a freemailer, common that should be some trashmail address, a non-existing, or even some porn site email. The insults are fine, not too offensive but a nice start. For my taste not enough type mismatches (but I like the „tod“ because „Amiga ist Tod“ = „Amiga is Death“ .. the Death for PCs? :-P) and no little exclamation marks, they are just mandatory, especially with some replaced with a „1“. just a tip.

          The second comment.. nahhh too weak … ok it’s still the wrong language and finally some exclamation marks.. but still nearly enough to be recognizable. This „tod“ (instead of „tot“ for our english readers) is again there, maybe that’s sarcasm and I did not notice it? Omg.

          The overall arguments… bahh so little … PC an Android? NO! you should have suggested „Windows, the market leader“ or something like that and of course suggest an other language like python, javascript or C#. No comment about Pascal, no no no that’s way too little, here some phrases for next time, „pascal is so old“, „pascal not even have long strings“, „pascal have no bit operators like shift“, „pascal uses the wrong equal signs“, „pascal is too much to type“, „pascal is too slow“ „nobody uses pascal anymore“ so now you have a good starting point for your next troll attempt, ok?

          Overall: 2.5/10 Points…. sorry you are not selected to the next round.

          • Molly sagt:

            I didn’t have any hopes to begin with but i’m a pessimist 😉

            If you stand out (positively) then you’re bound to run into these kind of trolls that don’t even comprehend what it is what they are trolling about.

            Their sole purpose is to demotivate. As such they have no use or purpose whatsoever.

            Unfortunately, it is a sad world….

            But, let’s try to keep it civilised 🙂

            Love your work, love Amiga/AROS/MorphOS, Love Pascal so there is enough to be thankful for.

            Keep up the good work !


  7. Polluks sagt:

    About feedback: More than 500 downloads

    Porno-Ralle would assume zombies 😉

  8. Magorium sagt:

    Sorry Polluks,

    That was me with my 500 Amiga’s 😉

  9. Robert Harrison sagt:

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    An unhandled exception occurred at $7CFB6770:
    EInOutError: File not open

  10. Robert Harrison sagt:

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    pointer 0x7CFC23F8

  11. Frederik sagt:

    Very cool!!
    I used FPC professionally a few years ago, when I was writing RFID software for WinCE handheld devices.

    It worked really well, opening dll’s ment for .NET was not an issue with FPC, so I could get direct access to the handheld devices hardware. Pascal rocks!

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