MCAmiga & LHA Archives

Posted by ALB42 on 22. Mai 20202 Comments

Working on the lha handling inside MCAmiga, would be nice to have it like in Midnight commander where you can directly browse inside archive, add, remove files, and even edit files inside.

I got it somehow to work, still with some limitations, for example, LHA you cant create an empty directory, so I create the directory with a ‚delete_me‘ file inside. Also when the directory is created „merged“ on adding (usually means added together with its parent directory) you cant remove it, if will stay there, even empty. But still it works already very nicely. Until now you can copy files to archive, copy file from archive, make a new directory, rename files. View and edit files (also with external tools, file is extracted to temp dir). Also introduced the Tools menu (F2) well known from midnight commander.

I did not try on AROS/MorphOS or so until now, hmm curious if all LHA versions are the same, I should try some different versions 😉

2 comments to "MCAmiga & LHA Archives"

  1. Polluks sagt:

    Well done!
    You have to use option -e for empty directories.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      actually I tried that, I does not work this way. it only adds the empty directory if you add the parent dir with wildcard or so
      imagine a situation

      if you add via:

      lha -e a test.lha testdir

      it will add the empty innertestdir
      but if you have only an empty

      lha -e a test.lha testdir
      will result it „No files match action pattern“ and nothing will be added.

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