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First, I want say thanks to all people send me texts or code snippets how to read TurboCalc TCD files some where very helpful. Sadly in none of them the functions are nicely explained so in the end it came to just straight forward try out with the Manual and write for every function a line in the file to check the result in Leu. But finally the most functions which are available in Leu can be converted from TurboCalc. I’m not sure if it makes sense to make a TurboCalc writer, because it’s a dead program, nice but dead. Writing is hard because you need to know everything about the file, and some of the comments in the text files suggest that TurboCalc is very picky when the tags are not in the correct order or somehow divert from the ideal format.

Leu and TurboCalc, converted functions

On a special wish I also implemented a possibility to inline edit the cells, without changing to the edit box. Until now you can only insert a new contents, and not use the mouse to set the cursor. When you can grab the mouse you can also set the cursor in the edit field.

What I’m not really getting, is why the people are excited about that program, it’s not like there is no spreadsheet program, there is TurboCalc, ok it’s old but fairly nice working and there is Ignition, I never used that but from screen shots it looks rather decent. At least much more advanced than this piece of crap 😛

Maybe the people are just happy, that someone codes something. Speaking of which here is the latest Version: 0.05 with edit feature, finally an Icon and TCD function loading.

Download: Leu Page

Notice it can also export the table as HTML or as Wikitable. (just use the endings „.html“ or „.wikitable_pipes“ .wikitable_wikimedia“). Ok that will be more useful, when I introduced stuff to change colors, borders and fonts.

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