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Posted by ALB42 on 2. Juni 20195 Comments

The summary of the long weekend, very funny tool already, Excel (xls, xlsx) and Open/LibreOffice (ods) loading works nicely, it already draws right, left and center aligned, with background and colors, also the calculation works as it should be and I implemented the multiple Worksheets selector. It’s much faster now, because it only redraws the cells which were changed (especially when dragging the cell border or selecting cells)

So I made a little „Release“, it’s just everything hammered together, still VERY buggy! for sure. just call „Leu <your file>“ if you call without a file you get an empty playground where you can type your own stuff into, but formats and so on are not available.

Download for all Platforms:

Have fun!

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  1. Enrique sagt:

    This is great, thank you very much for your effort! Tested under MOS 3.11 and the xlsx example doesn’t show any colored cells, just empty ones. I can help testing if you need.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      could you try the newest version? LEU 0.02
      You test on MorphOS? I have a strange behaviour that I can’t use the Scrollbars because the click goes to the grid, even I click to scrollbar, buit this seems to be a MorphOS MUI bug, 3.8 MUI on Amiga and AROS does not show such problem.

      • Enrique sagt:

        Tested Leu0.02 and now ColorTable.xlsx displays correctly. I can scroll up and down in test.ods and with an empty speadsheet, both dragging the scrollbar or using the up/down arrow in the scrollbar. In colortable the scrollbar doesn`t work. Horizontal scrolling doesn’t work.

        But moving the cursor with the arrow keys doesn’t scroll the page.

        Also, when selecting a cell, the info showing the name of the cell is shifted one column to the left. For example, clicking in cell E4 shows D4 in the top left corner.

        • ALB42 sagt:

          yeah, strange problems there.. but I guess it’s a MorphOS but because only there, have to find a workaround.
          Yes the scrolling with by moving cursor out of the window is not implemented currently.
          The shifting was reported by an other user already, i forget to subtract the fixed column, now should be fixed 😉 but thanks

  2. You search Tubocalc code ?

    My importcode load Turbocalc files

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