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Posted by ALB42 on 7. März 20184 Comments

Finally I got it working saving and loading also works now for events, as I described before I had to relocate the complete Eventhandler routine to make that possible (in an abstract way).
Now it’s also possible to add multiple Windows. (But only the first one is open by default), I have to think about how to solve it, but of course you can open the other Windows in the OnShow Event of the MainWindow. Or as I show in the Video on Button Press.
A little demonstration (featuring „awesome drawing skills“ icon 😉 ):

Notice to me, stop Delitracker before recording, or the mouse pointer whips with the Music 😉
After that is finished I guess the next one will be properties which are other classes, like Menu or List at the ListView.
I also have some ideas how to deal with special Values (like the Window inital position, MUIV_Window_LeftEdge_Centered and so on) but this will need a little bit more thinking and of course much work 😛 .

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  1. Andi sagt:

    WOWWW !!!!!

    GREAT GREAT !!!!

    Gets constantly better and cooler.
    Thank you so much for that cool thing !!!


  2. Andi sagt:

    Hello Alb42,

    when trying to compile the source generated by the latest MUIIDE from archive I got the following error:

    >fpc MyProgram.pas
    Free Pascal Compiler version 3.1.1 [2017/08/26] for powerpc
    Copyright (c) 1993-2017 by Florian Klaempfl and others
    Target OS: AmigaOS for PowerPC
    Compiling MyProgram.pas
    PPU Loading MUIClass.Base.ppu
    PPU Invalid Version 198
    MyProgram.pas(4,3) Fatal: Can’t find unit MUIClass.Base used by MyProgram
    Fatal: Compilation aborted
    Error: Work2:Programming/Pascal/FPC/pp/bin/powerpc-amiga/ppcppc returned an error exitcode

    Shall I try to compile the units from source to solve this problem?

    Best regards

  3. Andi sagt:

    Hey – thanx a lot for the super fast reply!
    yepp I use OS4.

    Ah okay – shame on me…should have known this..
    Downloaded the latest version and everything is fine now 🙂

    Thany you very much!

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