MoGit 0.1 – the next day

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The implementation yesterday was so easy that I thought it would be nice to also see/check the changes before you commit them (with git this is all a little bit strange because you have to „stage/add“ them) it was a little bit more difficult than I thought. The command line options are a little bit crazy sometimes not very logical. But it works now. Just open the MoGit with the parameter „check“ (the log view you get without it or with „log“ as first parameter, the second parameter should be the path to the repository to inspect)

Still quick and dirty 😉 but for me thats already a big help. I guess the development will stop here and I will continue on the MUIIDE. But still if someone interested: MoGit 0.1.

MoGit – a git log viewer for MorphOS

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I try to write natively my MUIClass on MorphOS these days. I will go on a travel for some days and will get my PowerBook with MorphOS with me to continue coding in the free time. That git is available for MorphOS makes it much easier to transfer the code to it (and track/commit and so on). But I’m very spoiled by Tortoise on Window and RabbitVCS on Linux to operate repositories (mostly svn but also some git) so I really miss some features here, most of all the easy checking of the log and see which files are changed and what was changed in the commit.
Today I wrote a little utility to help me with that, just showing the git log, and the changed files which you can double click, and the diff is shown in the Scribble (which has Highlighting for diff files, nice)
A little Demonstration:

Took me around two hours to write it 😉 I really like my new MUIClass package (and FreePascal) the most of it I was reading git manual pages (omg so many options). So it’s just a quick and dirty program but if someone is interested: MoGit Download. It needs the current git release and scribble to view the diff (both pathes can be configured with the ini file in the archive). Have fun

MorphOS Greetings from Hong Kong

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I’m currently on travel in Hong Kong, China and South Korea. I bought a PowerBook to take with me as my only Computer (+ mobile phone of course). The plan was to work a little bit on the free time on the MUIIDE and try MorphOS on the daily use.
Now some time is passed and it worked rather nicely. I had some problems in China to connect to the WLAN access point (it somehow worked but very slow). I switched to mobile phone 3G/4G WLAN sharing (iPhone) to MorphOS which works nicely. In South Korea and Hong Kong the WLAN in Hotel works flawlessly. Now it’s common that every Hotel room has it’s own WLAN access point in the room. If you often switch the Network it’s a little bit trouble, because sometimes the Network will go down when then WLAN disappears but will not come up again if it appears again (or an other known one). Even go to Network settings and force to the new WLAN does not help, but after a Restart of the Computer everything is fine.

Basically that’s the only problem I noticed, everything else works nicely. listing music with Digital Audio Player, Check emails via OWB or SimpleMail, Check my servers via SSH, Watch movies with MPlayer (via from USB Stick) writing code with Scribble, compile with FPC 😉 handle git with MoGit and git, surf Web with OWB (shows nicely chinese characters) and of course write this Article with image upload ;-). Overall not bad certainly daily use compatible for my usecases.

Coding for MorphOS in Hong Kong


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FreePascal for PowerPC MorphOS

Check for more informations this blog or: FPC-MorphOS Wiki

Binary releases:

FreePascal 3.2.2 for powerpc-morphos with Installer MD5: cce3d8dde0b1b3d5e151195702c65314


older releases:

FreePascal 3.2.0a for powerpc-morphos with Installer MD5: 04227c6b0f62b8cccc31c07b82ed3f25

FPC 3.1.1 MorphOS PowerPC including LCL (Release 26.08.2017) MD5:

There are nightly release packages also.


Check the Lazarus in a Virtual machine for cross compile environment.


FPC Source (official Version): from

svn checkout fpc

Programs written in FPC for MorphOS:

  • MoGit – Tool – Git helper tool for MorphOS (see About MoGit) Source code available on GitHub
  • ColorIt – Game – Flood the field with the same Color
  • FPCMines – Game – Minesweeper clone
  • BinShifter – Game – 2048 clone
  • PasteQuick – Application – Copy Clipboard contents to and receive the link in Clipboard
  • Mapparium A OpenStreetMap Viewer
  • MUIMapparium OpenStreetMap Viewer with MUI interface
  • GPSTool Show Data from a connected GPS, record tracks