AmiTube 0.3 First Release

Posted by ALB42 on 26. November 20219 Comments

Just to finish that (for me the program and services around are now more or less finished) I will publish this AmiTube program which you can use to watch short YouTube videos on your ordinary Amiga 68k.

As one can notice in the last video I changed my setup from MultiView to AGABlaster, which is much better to play the CDXL videos, faster and smoother, also the palette switching works better. (you can change the default player in Preferences)

Download: AmiTube 0.3

If you use that program, remember the conversation is done on my Server, please do not overdo it (try to convert a 2 hour video or convert hundreds of videos) other (and myself) need that Server for other things as well 😉

And please do not share or publish this program, anywhere! If one want to have it, here its free download it from my page. Thanks!

9 comments to "AmiTube 0.3 First Release"

  1. HANsolo sagt:

    Download link does not work

  2. HANsolo sagt:

    Never mind. The link worked afterall.. Thanks. Great tool.

  3. Arthas sagt:

    App of the year. Some improvements and it would be even obligatory assistance/extension to iBrowse etc. The only weak point is server in the middle of way – would be good to have the option to do conversion on client side… but the performance. Anyway very good use of forgotten CDXL. Respect

  4. aPEX sagt:

    Das ist sooo cool. 🙂 In der GUI noch die Option noskip für agablaster und vielleicht noch 2-3 wählbare Auflösungen. Eine Option für Audio mit 11khz und 22khz…. bin auf jeden Fall begeistert.

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