Docking complete

Posted by ALB42 on 17. Dezember 20203 Comments

As promised I worked on the Amiga OS 4 problem in Lazarus Cross Amiga Docker. I tried to used vlink and vasm for it, but it seems vlink has some problems with the resources. But when switching back to the GNU tools (as and ld) it again works.

Cross Amiga Lazarus compiles for Amiga OS 4

I also added a little Updater Script to the archive, so if you want to use the new Amiga OS 4 download again the archive. Start the script ./ if there is a newer version of the docker it will automatically download.

Have fun!

3 comments to "Docking complete"

  1. PTAH sagt:

    Grüß Gott mr. ALB, it has come to my attention while reading your blog about FPC & Amiga-flavour targetted cross-building, that I’ve encountered the same problems with described in your article..

    After building the amiga-gcc (-Avasm -XV) m68k toolchain for Win32 with cygwin and testing the PPCROSS68K compiler with the mandatory helloworld.pas the compilation failed with an error. I dug into it and found the problem with the „corrupt resource“ preventing the build to complete and posted a little article on my site „attacking“ the problem.. Please take a look in the „D7 Amiga Adventures“ section( I’ve created a work-around with D7 and it worked for me! Maybe your Amiga Lazarus build could benefit from it and save that precious ram!) I guess a final solution should come from the creator of vlink by adapting it so the compiled-object-paths in the link.res file are interpreted right on the windows platform.. It seems the linux builds of the amiga-gcc toolchain does not have that buggy behaviour..

    greetings PTAH!

    • ALB42 sagt:

      amiga-gcc? you mean FPC?
      did you try to look into the link.res what makes this error message, a simple hello world should not have resource at all. hmm where to find this „D7 Amiga Adventures“?

      • PTAH sagt:

        The used amiga binutils are result of the amiga-gcc toolchain (, I’ve Build it inside cygwin32 to get the win32 version of amiga-binutils & tools needed to create vasmm68k_std which is used by FPC to create the PPCROSS68K compiler..

        I’ve added my website url to the Website field of the answerform, when you visit the site (under construction) click on the 4th floppy on the left side to view my „Amiga Adventures“ with D7.. I guess both the amiga and cross-amiga-windows build process suffer from the same (vlink?) bug related to obj file paths in the link.res..

        Please have a look..

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