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Posted by ALB42 on 6. Juni 202011 Comments

I uploaded some of my sources to my github account. With it also Leu and MUIMapparium. MUIMapparium is 100% written by me, therefore it is now under CC0 License. Leu contains fpspread and some files from LCL therefore it is modified LGPL as the original. Have fun with the code. 😉

I had some interesting and intense discussions the last days. Mainly about my programs and vampire. As you might know I did not want to have my programs on the highly illegal distribution Coffin. You cannot detect Coffin, but it’s a distribution especially made for Vampire, therefore if I block Vampire they will not include my software anymore. Besides the Vampire users could push the Vampire team to condemn this distribution and stop to promote it. All of that did not happen, they still added my stuff, even with the Vampire block and the people became mad about me, not about the Vampire team (or the coffin team). I’m not good at being the bad guy.

Basically the people tell me that I’m an idiot and an asshole because I blocked Vampire, so I give up. The people always told me that Coffin is not illegal because it contains abandon-ware only. Ok, if that’s the case I transform my programs to exactly that and put them all to github, then it is legal and everything is solved.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a grudge with the Vampire team. I always hear that, that I’m mad about them because of the FPU issue, which is not true, maybe disappointed, but not more, I use my Vampire mainly as RTG-GFX card for A600, the only one currently available and the FPU I can turn off and use femu (which still works and is rather good).

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  1. Polluks sagt:

    Well, if Coffin would be legal why do they use torrent?
    A guilty conscience in my opinion.

  2. Dennis sagt:

    Usage of torrent is not illegal – e.g. what’s one of the OFFICIAL ways to download Debian: torrent

  3. Chain-Q sagt:

    It’s not illegal, but it’s also a well known method to make it „impossible“ to track back the distributed data back to its origins – a perfect way to distribute illegal software. Take it as you will. In Debian it’s used to take off load from the distribution servers. I can imagine the huge rush from the millions of Vampire users could almost crash a Raspberry Pi 3 on a DSL line, if you’d host it there, and not in a torrent… Anyway. Me for a starter, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Vampire, and wouldn’t poke one with a ten foot pole. Let alone using anything they release on the software front. There’s just too much bad precedent on handling users, developers, fulfilling promises.

    And to be honest, I don’t even care, but anyone who harasses ALB42 over anything can seriously just go stick up their Vampires where the sun doesn’t shine. Amiga world. It’s yet another round of do-nothing users expressing their wrath over developers, who develop software _for free_ in _their free time_, because they don’t support their favorite „Amiga future“ daydream. I’m sick to my stomach.

    No wonder for example the better part of the Amiga demoscene doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Vampire…

  4. vox sagt:

    So the FLOSS software has „Vamp protection“ removed now?
    Its not a „wrath“, protection that hurts end users, is just that.

  5. magorium sagt:

    „..the FLOSS software..“
    And which FLOSS software would that be exactly ?

    „Its not a “wrath”, protection that hurts end users, is just that.“
    Wrong again.

  6. Jacko sagt:

    I think you misunderstood the meaning of „abandon-ware“ ALB42 transformed his code to.

    please do not stop to write software for amiga. I like your work very much. Do not listen to the haters.

  7. Chain-Q sagt:

    @vox – anyone who bought a Vampire should suffer the consequences. And no, I don’t have any regrets or second thoughts of that opinion. After all, we’re not talking about damaging users‘ computers (hi, Elbox!), just software refusing to work on certain hardware, due to the creators of that hardware handling the developer of the software extremely poorly. It sends a message. But as usual, one’s HW choice in the Amiga world is like one’s religion. And users don’t consider if their religion might be massive BS, but they attack the „heretic“, who dares to criticize it. After all, criticism is not what the priests promised when they donated to the church! But I’m for once and again, a proud heretic. Bring on the pitchforks, I’m prepared! 🙂

    • Olaf sagt:


      thank you for your work


      If you talk about religion some of the reactions are not rational either. I do not know what happened but I assume there were some ugly emails there. If Alb42 has no motivation anymore it is his decision to stop and nobody has to critisize it.

      Regarding Vampire, if you do not like it or the team behind or even all the users then it is your deicision

  8. magorium sagt:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your everlasting devotion, your patience and support that you have given me/us over the years (is it decades already?). It has been one helluva joyride (hi Chain 😉 )

    The fact that there are people around that are incapable of providing you the respect that you deserve (and in fact any other human being deserves), well.. it says more about those people (and their actions).

    I couldn’t agree more with what was already written by Chain (and some other (devs), scattered around the webs).

    I’ve been there, done that and have been given the same attitude from this so called community, except it was some decades ago (getting old here 😀 )

    Till this day i have never understood why one would bite the hand that feeds them, even if that food is given in the form of a requester or guru meditation (*) 😉

    Keep up the good work (in whatever shape or form)

    And here i was trying to be all civilised 🙂 I do not have a pitchfork, nor do i have the fierce breath of a dragon, but i do have wolf-teeth that i am able to bring along for the party…

    (*) ps how stupid must one be to not be able to use a (good) resourcer/disassembler/debugger. Intelligence has definitely dropped over the years, or it must be that those capable moved along to greener pastures 🙂

    Other then that it is a puny and utterless insignificant topic. As a wise boy once spoke: „I don’t make up the rules, i just write them down“

  9. samo79 sagt:


    I’ve translated MUIMapparium in italian, here is the link:

    It would be cool if you can commit this into the github repository

  10. Danni sagt:

    Thank you for all your software for all the platforms you support. Many of them are useful things that we did not have before. I can’t understand why the users of Coffin-Vampire support the makers to spread illegal software and blame you for not supporting it. This mindset is destroying society manners and the Amiga. The real consequence would be to exclude them from using your legal software on their illegal platform. Pity that you already have open sourced your softqware. Instead you should have made it not able to run on Vampire at all for all distributions. If so many of them blame makers of legal software then you should not support the platform users in general. Instead of forcing them to become legal you even support their illegality by handing them out the source. THeir attitude has won and pityly you and your upright position has lost.

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