More playing with video unit

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Mai 20202 Comments

Continuing playing with the video unit, learn how to resize the window, something I did not implement in the vidcrt unit in freepascal. The commander style application already is kind of usable for basic stuff. Copy, Delete, Rename, basic movement, selecting such stuff (move is not implemented until now and a lot of error checking is missing, especially overwriting :-P)

I took a lot of work to get the resize stuff working, especially if an additional window like the help is open at this moment, but finally that is working well.

If you want to play with it (68konly atm) you can download the exe of MCAmiga, but be warned it’s just a playground for me, so bugs may occur a lot, and do some harm to your files.

2 comments to "More playing with video unit"

  1. polluks sagt:

    Nice, works also with MorphOS.
    BTW an Amiga does not have an Ins key 😉

    • ALB42 sagt:

      i know, that’s the reason some other keys (0 Numblock where an INS is written on the side, space ,# which is the fs-UAE mapped Char on INS Key) are assigned to that function as well.

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