Amiga 1.x Online Compiler

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Charlie implemented a Amiga 1.x compatible version of the FreePascal compiler. It’s a little bit harder to write program for 1.x so many features are missing in Workbench 1.x. These machines are usually 7 Mhz and only very little RAM, so cross compiling is highly advised. Of course the Online compiler would be a good starting point for basic tests.

And that is exactly what I did, I created a separate Online Compiler for the Amiga 1.x Version, why separate, because most of the sources of the original Online Amiga FreePascal Compiler will not work with 1.x. I included a creation of a bootable ADF file directly from the executable created so you can directly try your work inside a UAE instance for example in the very nice Scripted Amiga Emulator.

See for yourself:

So if you are locked inside your home because of corona, why not do something new and start to learn to code FreePascal for Amiga. Have fun.

Online Compiler for all Amiga OS3.x, OS4, MorphOS, AROS: Link

Online Compiler for Amiga OS 1.x: Linḱ

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