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Posted by ALB42 on 14. Mai 20185 Comments

I created the datatypes unit for AmigaOS4 and AROS and rewrote the ones for Amiga68k and MorphOS. OF course the aim is again to make them more or less compatible to each other. Of course also wrote a little test program and compiled for all systems which works nice.

DataTypes test for Amiga68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS4 and AROS

Now I have to learn how to actually use Datatypes in a program, especially seems sometimes the datatypes seems to scale down to 8 bit (256 colors) even the screen has 24 bit which I do not understand and if there is a way to let the datatype scale the image to the right size. I use the BitmapScale from graphics.library but this is awfully slow (At least on AROS, even my straigh forward nearest neighbor routine is faster than that).

5 comments to "Datatypes for all"

  1. Polluks sagt:

    For scaling just use PDTM_SCALE

  2. Polluks sagt:

    Well, you cannot have both: All features and all systems.
    Maybe read this posting of 2005

    • ALB42 sagt:

      That argument you can also turn around: Why use a new function which does not work on older Versions, when you have an other method which perfectly replace it but work also for older Versions?

  3. Polluks sagt:

    You could have a fallback at runtime 🙂

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