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Posted by ALB42 on 8. April 20182 Comments

Working on a Installer script to installing FreePascal for Amiga using the official way. In the past I often used Installer scripts but never wrote one. It looks very close to LISP (brackets everywhere 😉 ) luckily the scripts are just saved as text. You can peek into other scripts, how to make some of the more difficult parts. For the basic structure I found a nice program in Aminet InstallerGen, it provides a nice MUI Gui to create the install steps, which also helps to understand the language.
The first version is finished now. You can select the installation type, minimal, typical, full and customized. On customized you can select the packages to install. (see image) Of course it also adds the needed entries for assign and path to the user-startup. The plan is to create some more such installers to install more packages, afterwards, like LCL, MUIClass or the FPU-enabled units.
For MorphOS and OS4 this should be easy to create from it. On AROS it will be a little bit different, there is no need to alter the user-startup, you only need to register it as a package.

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  1. Polluks sagt:

    „you only need to register it as a package“?
    However we have finally 🙂

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