Updated vlink and vasm for fpc

Posted by ALB42 on 12. Februar 20182 Comments

The creation of vlink and vasm for Amiga is always a little bit difficult, hence I seldom do that. But Charlie told me, that the creator of vasm and vlink also supply executables for most of the platforms. Even the rather uncommon 68k asm with standard syntax (instead of Motorola syntax) are there. Long text, short meaning, the vlink and vasm for Amiga 68k, Amiga OS4 and MorphOS are updated in the nightly Release packages. And with this it will be much easier to keep them up to date.

2 comments to "Updated vlink and vasm for fpc"

  1. Samuel D. Crow sagt:

    Motorola syntax IS standard syntax. It’s the AT&T syntax used by Unix clones that’s the wierd one. It’s rare because nobody outside the Unix/Linux community uses AT&T syntax.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      depends on the point of view 😉

      But the word „standard“ is correct, because thats how vasm name it: vasm68k_std and vasm68k_mot which relates to the makefile options SYNTAX=standard and SYNTAX=motorola, and that is what I wrote that this „standard“ syntax is rather uncommon

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