Amiga LCL goes official

Posted by ALB42 on 3. Januar 20174 Comments

As explained in the 2016 summary I started to try to introduce the MUI LCL Interface to the official Lazarus subversion repository. I started with the basic compilation nogui LCL, which is a rather small patch (when compared to the complete new MUI widgetset). Today I got answer (after posting that as Bug in the lazarus bug tracker) and the patch got accepted to the official repository. That was my introduction, so now I would like to also include the MUI LCL which will be my next target. It would make the development so much easier. Especially because they change a lot in Lazarus over the time. My branch at github is again so outdated that it means again a new implementation to bring it to latest status (for the 4th time). If it is in the official repository I will directly notice if something change which need my attention. And the people will see the HASAMIGA defines everywhere and maybe care about to not break it 😉

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  1. Thore sagt:

    This is really cool.
    At the moment I try to build a little update tool for the virtual machine, but it has too less space left on the /home dir. To expand it, I need to be root. Is there a password for root so I can use lvextend?
    Thank you

    • ALB42 sagt:

      you can elevate using „sudo“ then the password is the same as your account password.
      Thanks for using it.

      • Thore sagt:

        Thank you, it worked. First you have to extend the sda2 partition by some GB with gparted (I now have a complete size of 30G). Then in the VM, use the following command:
        sudo lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/trisquel–vg-home
        Then you have enough space to make bigger projects 🙂

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