ZuPaPlayer V0.1

Posted by ALB42 on 19. Oktober 201610 Comments

Added a settings window to ZuPaPlayer, the most things are working already, at least what I need 😛 hotkeys and menu is not finished but the rest works already very nice. Maybe I should check some other MUI applications how Hotkeys are made MUI/Zune style. I’m still not very satisfied with mikmod, maybe it would worth a try on modplug. Nevertheless if someone is interested here is the current state. It’s early version so it is not complete maybe crash or strange behavior.

Download: ZuPaPlayer V0.1 (700k)


ZuPaPlayer V0.1

10 comments to "ZuPaPlayer V0.1"

  1. mmartinka sagt:

    Thank you for releasing.
    ZuPaPlayer has one problem.
    If I press the prefs, list or setting so pops up request about „please insert volume „5“ in any device“ sometime.

  2. mmartinka sagt:

    I tested ZuPaPlayer on the last night build ABI_v0 and linux host.
    And result is the same. Bad it showing graphics gui.

    run ZuPaPlayer;
    press menu setting/zune;
    cancel setting/zune;
    press list or set icon;
    and windows have bad graphics

    Linux host

    i386 ABI_v0

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