Amiga Freepascal Release with LCL

Posted by ALB42 on 9. April 20164 Comments

I just waited for this fix to make a Release of Freepascal 3.1.1 for m68k-amiga with the new Lazarus component Library. Of course its still early alpha state but it is somewhat usable.
Check FPC Amiga Page for the download.
Of course this archive does work on m68k AROS also. (It does not include FPGui for now)
Be warned: LCL is still is very early alpha stage, so expect crashes. It aims on fast RTG Amigas or even better RTG-UAE, but some simple programs also work on AGA/ECS Screens.
Notice: you need at least 180 MB of free RAM to compile a LCL program

4 comments to "Amiga Freepascal Release with LCL"

  1. Thunder sagt:

    Looks really good so far. Many demos worked and I am excited about newer releases.
    I tested some stuff and recognized, that „OnMouseEnter“ and maybe „OnMouseLeave“ will lead AmigaOS directly to crash fully.
    Also, on MorphOS there is still the crt missing.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      thanks for the report.

      what you do on the MouseEnter MouseLeave, or how the crash appears? Is it enough to connect the event?
      I experienced some crashes if I try to set visible := False; of an item inside its own event.
      Discussions can be also done in which is maybe a better form as this blog comments, as you like.

      • Thunder sagt:

        Thank you. Unfortunately I cannot create an account. It says, my name and e-mail address are already used.

        • ALB42 sagt:

          really? Strange so you maybe registered already long time before without knowing?^^ just ask for a new password? (It’s not my forum) Of course an other forum will also do it, like or so…
          I will try to reproduce both issues on WE… maybe I need a code example… hmm and other question will be how to supply updates 🙂

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