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Posted by ALB42 on 3. Februar 20164 Comments

With this new fixed LCL for MorphOS I recompiled some of my AROS LCL Programs for MorphOS. THis time I striped them and packed the program with lzmaloader to make the executable smaller. So here they are:


  • ColorIt – Game – Flood the field with the same Color
  • FPCMines – Game – Minesweeper clone
  • BinShifter – Game – 2048 clone
  • PasteQuick – Application – Copy Clipboard contents to and receive the link in Clipboard

Some MorphOS applications

4 comments to "Applications for MorphOS"

  1. magorium sagt:

    Fantastic !

    No special MorphOS modification(s) required in end-user code ?

    How is the speed on the mini ? Acceptable ?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Its very fast, even on the MacMini.
      Only thing I changed is Font name for Binshifter, Arial is not available in MorphOS by default. Fonts can be really trouble for multiplatform programs.

  2. magorium sagt:

    Great to hear that things work fast enough.

    Yes, the usage of fonts is problematic for every target (as far as i’ve noticed myself). In that regards fpGUI offers a far better approach (but it be non-delphi compliant).

    How would one ’normally‘ solve this problem ? Just choosing a font that is present everywhere (or specific target as you showed now) or check/change inside individual projects and change at run-time accordingly ?

    tbh i never looked at the font back-end implementation, but i would have thought there be a solution for this problem already. The only ’solution‘ i know of is check manually which fonts there are for the target and change individual component font at run-time.

    I know, not a big issue, but an annoying one.

  3. TheMagicM sagt:


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