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Posted by ALB42 on 15. November 2015No Comments

I played again a little bit with networking things, especially on different platforms. Very nice that the most sources now compile out of the box at Linux, AROS, Amiga and MorphOS only very little ifdefs inside, and even they could be omitted by extending the Amiga-like-RTLs with some unix functions.

I wrote a little Lyapunov calculation program which sends the pixels to calculate via network to other computers to let them calculate. Lyapunov is very good for such things because it has very little inputs and results but rather long calculation time per point.

I compiled and run the client for all platforms I have available currently:

  • i386-AROS (Linux Hosted – AMD FX 8120)
  • powerpc-MorphOS (Mac Mini)
  • m68k-amiga (Amiga1200 68060/50)
  • x86_64-linux (AMD FX 8120)
  • i386-linux (Intel Atom 230)
  • arm-linux (Raspberry pie 1)

All compiled from the same source.
The Server and Image Viewing is done at AROS.
The power of Freepascal/Lazarus at its very best.

The white pixels are already send to some client but the result is not arrived.

The image is flickering a little bit (therefore in the movie sometimes no image to see) because I didn’t care much about the image plotting. I’m not sure why the image is flickering maybe the network communication take too much time so not enough time to draw the image.

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