Baking 0.1 alpha Amiga LCL together

Posted by ALB42 on 25. Oktober 2015One Comment

I created a archive of my complete LCL for m68k AmigaOS 3.x. Much things already working (all PaintEvent things does not work, so Labels, Panels and so on does not appear, but should also not crash).

So if anyone want to try Lazarus LCL on a real Amiga or UAE here is the archive, be careful its 55Mb and you will need at least 16 Mb to compile the examples, for bigger programs you might need even more.

Download Amiga LCL 0.1 alpha

for more informations read the „ReadMe“ inside the archive.

One comment to "Baking 0.1 alpha Amiga LCL together"

  1. magorium sagt:

    Very, very .. very .. nice progress ALB42.

    I did some quick testing, and posted results on a-e forums. Strange that i seems to run into troubles with certain examples.

    Average compile time on the emulator is about 1 minute for LCL apps 😀

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