LazPaint working

Posted by ALB42 on 20. April 20154 Comments

Finally go LazPaint somewhat working, yesterday was just with many dummy functions in the bgrabitmap package. Today I wrote some implementations of this. It works, but it is VERY slow, because the drawing functions like WritePixelArray are very slow when drawing to a ARGB Screen. Maybe a clever conversation before will improve it. the other thing: it crashes very often, mostly List exceptions, I’m wonderring if thats the same as I got for EdiSyn, some fonts are too small to read.


4 comments to "LazPaint working"

  1. Molly sagt:

    O.M.G. x 2

    That is absolutely freakin‘ awesome.

    Do you require the WritePixelArray() because of the incompatible native pixelformat of AROS ?

  2. ALB42 sagt:

    Don’t be too excited, its not really nicely working… and very slow and buggy… difficult to debug the whole thing, no idea how to, so its just a test balloon.

    Yes, I noticed already that WritePixelArray() is much slower if an other format than ARGB is supplied.

  3. circular sagt:

    It could be possible to change the order of the color components to ARGB for the TBGRAPixel type. There is already RGBA and BGRA order depending on the system, so why not ARGB.

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