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The integration of AROS into FPC trunk works very nicely already, I decided to make the first binary release of freepascal for AROS. I changed the installation a bit, introduced the package system to freepascal, so you only need to copy the folder to the harddisk and make sure the Envarc:sys/packages/freepascal points to this directory. (Which can be done by executing install script in the freepascal folder.) The package-Startup will then create all assigns ans pathes needed to operate fpc.

Until now the trunk fpc, the latest fpgui (1.2) are included, lcl/lazarus I didnt try with the new trunk version, I think later I will try also to update to the latest lazarus release and try to compile, which will need again much work I guess. As long as there are still things missing, I will supply both versions for download.

For the trunk integration I always need to check if this things also work at Amiga/MorphOS. I’m very happy that Amiga is working again. Its not so easy to cross compile it, until now I only got it to work on a i386-linux, but not at my x64 machine, the binutils does not want to compile currently.
Thats the reason I also prepared a freepascal m68k-amiga version. This should also work on a m68k-aros machine. At the moment I can not try, as long AROS vision and the nightly AROS iso seems not to work at e-uae at linux. Because its an amiga release (and not AROS) it only contains the Amiga functionality, so no FPGUI (there I need AROS special functions) but the FP-IDE is included.

There is a dedicated page for fpc-amiga:
FPC Amiga/AROS m68k

The AROS (i386) can still be found at:

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