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Posted by ALB42 on 25. August 2014No Comments

My new tracker connection via UDP and HTTP works very nicely. So now all network actions are non blocking. I’m rather satisfied with the whole thing.. it does work without additional Threads. So all the GUI, Network, statistics, sha1 calculation and File writing in a single Thread (the main thread) and it still can reach 3 MB/s and more. Not bad I would say.

Besides this I played little bit the FPGUI Styles and created a very simple (from the Demo style) to make the buttons and so on a little bit modern 😉 looks much better I would say.

So today I made a new Release of ArTorr Version 0.02 new features in short:

  • UDP Tracker
  • HTTP tracker error handling (working redirect, thanks magorium for this file/report)
  • Tracker communication non blocking 🙂
  • a little bit nicer interface, but still the same debugging GUI 😉

ArTorr 0.02

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