Syscalls and UDP

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The two words in the headline seems to have no connection… hmm yes its right, I’m just to lazy to write two seperate messages 😛

So the first: Syscall… or better SYSCALL 😉

I backported the SYSCALLs for AROS from the freepascal trunk to my branch. Karoly was so kind to implement (see here) but the rtl there is far from usable. And with the backported we can already begin to transfer the systemlibraries to the new schema, then later not so much work 😛
The porting was more difficult as i guessed, the changes in the code are not so many as you see in the commit, BUT some of this codeparts even does not exists in my branch… introduced in between. Seems also in this part much things happend. But after try to understand the code and compare with PowerPC-MorphOS I found the way to do it.
I tested it with some simple functions from exec.library and it works nicely.
for example:

function RawDoFmtLocal(const formatString: PChar;
  const dataStream: Pointer; PutChProc: Pointer;
  PutChData: Pointer): Pointer; syscall AOS_ExecBase 87;

I backed a release out of it, just to have it released, my primary target stays the torrent client.

The second point… UDP

I released the ArTorr yesterday and already some bug reports arrived at my desk. On of them was rather simple to understand … in the torrent file was no HTTP tracker, only UDP trackers. I didn’t know such things exist, my files always had at least one HTTP tracker included. The problem is, I have no idea how UDP or the Bittorrent Tracker UDP work. Very helpful is the official text: UDP Tracker Protocol for BitTorrent. But stays the problem how to do a UDP connection. I searched a lot for example codes but the most working with synapse or lNet, both I have not available. But i found this page: Programming with UDP sockets which explains, in C, how UDP connections are working. Its rather easy I would say, even simpler than a TCP connection, and much better for non blocking calls.
So I tried to implement the protocol, its rather straight forward. so tomorrow I will see how it will fit into ArTorr, if this is working I will see how to write myself the HTTP Protocol for the tracker and then make the whole thing non-blocking. 😉 Seems thats my major topic… make things non blocking.

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